日期:2013-10-15 World powers are set to hold their first nuclear negotiations with Iran. 各世界大国将与伊朗举行首轮核会谈。 Seen as a relative moderate, Mr Rouhani has said he wants a deal on Iran's nuclear programme within six months. No breakthrough is expected i... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-10-14 The death toll from a stampede at a Hindu festival in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has risen to 109, local officials have said. 印度中央邦某地在庆祝印度教节日时发生踩踏事件,死亡人数已上升至109。 Many were crushed after panic broke out... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-10-10 Madagascar faces a bubonic plague epidemic unless it slows the spread of the disease, experts have warned. 专家警告,如果不采取措施,马达加斯加将爆发一场黑死病疫情。 The Red Cross and Pasteur Institute say inmates in the island's dirty, crowded jail... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-10-10 Libyan PM Ali Zeidan has been seized by armed men in the capital, Tripoli. 利比亚总理阿里扎伊丹在首都的黎波里被歹徒劫持。 Mr Zeidan was taken from his hotel before dawn by gunmen to an unknown place for unknown reasons, said a government statement.... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-10-07 A German embassy employee in Yemen has been shot dead, reports say. 德国驻也门大使馆的一位雇员被枪杀。 The attack took place outside a supermarket in the capital's Hadda district, where the German and other foreign embassies are located. The victim... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-10-07 At least 50 people have been killed and scores hurt in Egypt in clashes between police and supporters of the deposed Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. 埃及警方与前总统穆罕默德穆尔西的支持者发生冲突,至少50人死亡、数十人受伤。 More than 200 members... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-10-07 Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been ordered to take a month off work after bleeding was found on her brain. 阿根廷总统克里斯蒂娜费尔南德斯因脑部出血被要求休息一个月。 Ms Fernandez, 60, was undergoing medical checks for anot... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-29 President Barack Obama furiously responded Friday to congressional budget battles that could threaten a partial government shutdown, accusing Republicans voting against his health care law of focusing on politics and holding the whole country hostag... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-29 苏格兰将于明年9月18日举行公投,决定是否结束与英格兰长达三个世纪的联合,成为独立的国家。在距离公投还有一年的时候,苏格兰的四位工匠却已着手开始修复曾经阻隔双方的边境墙哈德良长城。 The wall runs for more than 80 miles across the hills of northern Brita... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-26 The UK is to give another 100m to Syria to help tackle the war-torn country's humanitarian crisis. 英国将再次向叙利亚援助1亿英镑用于解决这个被战争破坏的国家的人道主义危机。 Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the pledge - which takes the total fro... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-26 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says he wants to reach a deal with world powers on Tehran's nuclear programme in three to six months. 伊朗总统哈桑鲁哈尼称,他想与世界强国就核问题在三至六月以内达成协议。 He told the Washington Post he saw a resoluti... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-25 A powerful earthquake has killed at least 250 people in Pakistan's remote south-west province of Balochistan. 巴基斯坦西南部偏远省份俾路支发生一场强地震,造成至少250人死亡。 The 7.7-magnitude quake struck on Tuesday afternoon at a depth of 20km nort... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-23 Russia can send its military personnel to help in the proposed operation to eliminate Syria's chemical arms, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says. 俄罗斯外交部长谢尔盖拉夫罗夫称,俄罗斯可以向叙利亚派遣军事人员帮助其解决化学武器问题。 Mr Lavrov's deal... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-23 Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party has won Germany's election, but finished just short of an absolute majority, official results show. 德国总理安吉拉默克尔领导的保守党赢得此次大选,但是与绝对性的胜利尚有差距。 Angela Merkel told supporter... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-23 Heavy gunfire and explosions have been heard at the shopping centre in Nairobi where militants are said to be holding a number of hostages. 内罗毕城内的购物中心可以听到密集的枪声和爆炸声,据称武装分子在该处劫持了一部分人质。 Sixty-eight people have... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-22 A man wearing a uniform of the Afghan security forces has killed three Nato troops in the east of the country, the coalition says. 阿富汗东部地区,一位身着安保部队服装的男子杀死了三名北约士兵。 No group has said it carried out the killing, but simil... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-22 A bomb blast outside a church in the Pakistani city of Peshawar kills at least 25 people and injured more than 40, medics say. 一枚炸弹在巴基斯坦城市白沙瓦一座教堂外面爆炸,造成至少25人死亡、40人受伤。 A bomb disposal officer said two suicide bomber... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-18 Egyptian police have arrested the Muslim Brotherhood's main English-language spokesman, state media report. 埃及官方媒体报道,警察逮捕了穆斯林兄弟会主要的英文发言人。 Gehad al-Haddad is the son of Mohammed Morsi\s former foreign affairs adviser, Ess... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-18 Tony Abbott has been sworn in as Australia's prime minister, days after his Liberal-National coalition ended six years of Labor government. 托尼艾伯特宣誓就职澳大利亚新任总理,几天前他所在的自由党-国家党联盟结束了工党政府六年的统治。 Mr Abbott, 55,... 阅读全文>>

日期:2013-09-16 At least nineteen people have been killed in Mexico, which is being battered by two powerful storms. 墨西哥连遭两场强风暴袭击,至少19人丧生。 Tropical Storm Manuel has caused landslides and flooding in the resort city of Acapulco Hurricane Ingrid ha... 阅读全文>>

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