日期:2019-02-24 Chinas first domestically produced icebreaker Xuelong 2 is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019 and start trial voyages, reported Guangming Daily on Saturday. 中国第一艘自助制造雪龙2号破冰船有望与2019年上半年完工并开始试航。 It will un... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-22 The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex are set to split their household within weeks, The Sunday Times can reveal. 据《星期日泰晤士报》披露,剑桥公爵威廉王子与萨塞克斯公爵哈里王子将在未来几周内分开居... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-22 Emojis are usually reserved for text messages or chatting online, but now some drivers will be able to add them onto their car number plates. 表情符号通常出现在短信息或网上聊天内容中,不过如今,一部分司机还可以把表情符号用在车牌上。 In an unpreceden... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-22 South Koreas government has reportedly come under fire for suggesting a cap on K-pop stars appearing on television shows as the singers look too alike. 据报道,由于韩国歌手外貌过于相似,政府提议限制偶像歌手在电视节目中的出镜频次,然而此举遭到猛烈抨... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-21 Pop superstar and Oscar nominee Lady Gaga has split with her fiance, her second broken relationship in three years. 超级巨星、奥斯卡提名者Lady Gaga与未婚夫分手,这是她三年来第二次分手。 A representative for the 32-year-old Gaga confirmed that the Sh... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-21 Chinese e-commerce giant JD will lay off 10 percent of its senior executives this year. 京东今年将淘汰10%的高管。 The cuts were announced at the companys annual party last week. Based on the current number of its employees, up to 100 senior executiv... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-20 Japanese carmaker Honda plans to close its car factory in western England in 2021, a fresh blow to the British economy as it faces its March 29 exit from the European Union. 日本本田汽车公司计划在2021年关闭英格兰西部的汽车工厂,这对3月29日即将脱离欧... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-20 Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Rocket Forces two official Weibo accounts, created on February 14, 2019, have published their first posts on the Lantern Festival, February 19, 2019. 中国人民解放军火箭军2月14日开通的两个官方微博在2月19日元宵节分别发... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-20 The Beijing Film Academy has revoked the doctoral degree of actor Zhai Tianlin after he was found to have committed academic misconduct, the academy announced on Tuesday. 北京电影学院周二宣布,翟天临因学术不端被撤销博士学位。 As stated by the academ... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-20 Chinas National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) approved 18 new cancer medicines in 2018, up 157 percent on 2017, said an NMPA official Tuesday. 中国国家药品监督管理局一位官员周二表示,2018年有18种抗癌新药获批准,比2017年增长157%。 Cancer med... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-19 China has unveiled the worlds first technical standards on the energy consumption of electric vehicles (EV). 中国公布世界首个电动汽车能源消耗的技术标准。 The national standards specify energy-consumption limits for different types of EVs. China is t... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-19 A tiny beach restaurant in an isolated South African fishing village was named the best in the world on Monday. 南非一个孤立的渔村里一座小海滩餐厅周一获评世界最好餐厅。 Chef Kobus van der Merwe, who did not begin to cook seriously until he was 30, f... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-19 An indoor 5G network will be installed in the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station by the end of this year. 上海虹桥火车站今年年底前将安装室内5G网络。 China Mobile Shanghai and Huawei jointly made the announcement on building the 5G digital indoor syst... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-18 For Chinese people who have the tradition of going out on the streets to appreciate the dazzling array of lanterns on display at the annual Lantern Festival, they will have one more beautiful item to gaze upon this year a super large and bright moon... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-18 Indias first semi-high speed train, the Vande Bharat Express, broke down on Saturday. 印度首列半高铁范德巴拉特快车周六发生故障。 The snag was detected near the Tundla junction in Uttar Pradesh, around 200 km away from New Delhi. The train began maki... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-15 The Beijing municipal government has published a plan to transform a vacated industrial site in its western suburb into a city landmark by 2035. 北京市政府公布一份计划,2035年前将西郊一处废弃工厂打造成一座城市地标。 The new area, on the basis of the... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-15 Mount Qomolangma National Nature Reserve in Chinas Tibet Autonomous Region has banned ordinary tourists from entering its core zone to better conserve the environment of the worlds highest mountain. 西藏珠穆朗玛峰国家自然保护区已禁止普通游客进入珠峰... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-14 The only two giant pandas in Australia, Funi and Wang Wang, are likely to return to China this year after a fifth failed attempt at artificial insemination, reported the Daily Mail. 澳大利亚仅剩的两只熊猫福妮和旺旺第五次人工授精失败,它们可能将于今... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-14 Chinas flights hit record high on-time performance since 2010, reaching 80.13 percent last year, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). 中国民用航空总局表示,2010年以来中国航班的准时率达到历史最高水平,去年准时率为80.13%。 T... 阅读全文>>

日期:2019-02-14 A 30 kilogram Husky raised by a family in Hunan Province was so excited to see its owner returning home that it jumped from their third floor balcony. The dog struck its owner in the head, breaking the mans neck and putting him into a coma. 湖南省一... 阅读全文>>

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