日期:2017-12-04 Chinese authorities have approved a plan to turn the tomb of the Marquis of Haihun into a national-level archeological relics park. 中国政府计划将海昏侯墓打造成一个国家级考古遗迹公园。 The tomb, dating back to Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- 25 A.D.)... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-12-02 The Breakthrough Prize announced Saturday that Ma Huateng, aslo known as Pony Ma, founder and chairman of Tencent will join as one of its distinguished founding sponsors. 腾讯创始人、董事长马化腾将加入科学突破奖,成为创始人之一。 Tencent, founded in... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-11-29 Chinese actor-director Wu Jing is now working as a cultural ambassador who helps promote a Silk Road international film festival. 中国演员兼导演吴京担任丝绸之路国际电影节文化大使。 Wu Jing spoke at the opening ceremony of film festival on Tuesday ev... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-11-27 Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and chairman of TerraPower, has been elected as a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), one of the countrys top academic institutions, CAE said on its website on Monday. 中国工程院周一在其网... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-11-23 A general standard on research in stem cell technology was published in China on Wednesday. 中国周三发布干细胞技术研究通用标准。 The document introduces general requirements on screening of donors, tissue collection, cell separation and preservation... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-11-17 Chinese language use is seeing growth in Russia, Youth.cn reported on November 15, 2017. 中国青年网11月15日报道,汉语在俄罗斯的使用日趋增长。 Russia added Chinese language courses to the teaching syllabus for intermediate compulsory education at gra... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-10-29 1. Establish routines and discourage bad habits Set the tone with an uncluttered, well-equipped study space, and create a consistent schedule that includes breaks. Prevent bad habits by intervening when kids toggle between texting and studying, sacr... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-10-24 Spy spoof Kingsman: The Golden Circle has led the Chinese box office, earning over 280 million yuan (42.2 million USD) as of Monday, October 23, according to Entgroups China Box Office (CBO). 艺恩咨询公布的中国票房排行榜显示,截止10月23日本周一,《... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-10-19 China had 417 private undergraduate universities as of May 2016, accounting for more than 30 percent of all undergraduate universities, according to a report released by the Ministry of Education. 教育部公布的一份报告显示,截止2016年5月,中国已有417... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-10-11 The trend of wearing shoes without socks is leading to a rise in cases of problems such as athletes foot, the College of Podiatry has warned. 英国足病学院警告说,时下穿鞋不穿袜的风气导致了香港脚等足病的增多。 The bare ankle look has filtered down fr... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-10-11 The worlds first hamburger doesnt come from where you think it comes from. It wasnt invented in the United States, and it didnt originate in Germany. No, the worlds first hamburger comes from China. 世界上第一只汉堡从哪来?不是你想的那样哦不是起源于... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-10-11 1. Avoid the treats The birthday doughnuts or the homemade chocolate cookies from colleagues may be tempting, but the experts say to avoid them at all costs. Research from the Royal College of Surgeons has shown the office cake culture, in which wor... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-10-03 20多岁的时候,你应该能做以下这些事: Run 5km in 30 minutes Do 20 burpees in a row Hold a full plank for one minute 注:Burpee(中文音译为波比),它是一项无氧运动,结合了深蹲、俯卧撑及跳跃一连串的动作。 30多岁的时候,你应该能做以下这些事: Run a mile... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-09-22 Chinese social media app WeChat is now part of the famed Victoria and Albert Museum as part of its social communication application collection, as of Friday, September 15, 2017, reports thepaper.cn. 澎湃新闻网报道,2017年9月15日,中国社交媒体app微信... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-09-21 One of the oldest documented versions of the story appeared in China, around 860. In that version, Ye Xian is an incredibly beautiful, kind and gentle girl, who is gifted in many skills such as pottery and poetry. She befriends a fish which embodies... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-09-18 A joint editorial committee of scholars from China, Japan and the Republic of Korea is writing a new history textbook to resist efforts to white-wash Japans militaristic past. 为抵制歪曲美化日本军国主义历史的行径,由中日韩三国学者组成的联合编委会正... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-09-14 Elon Musk has said again that artificial intelligence could be humanitys greatest existential threat, this time by starting a third world war. 埃隆马斯克再一次警告称,人工智能或将成为人类存亡的威胁,这次他指的是人工智能将会引发第三次世界大战。 The p... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-09-08 The Victorias Secret Fashion Show is headed to China. 2017年的维密秀将在中国举办。 The Angels will make their debut down the runway in Shanghai for the first time this fall. The show will be broadcast in more than 190 countries on Nov. 28. Models in... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-08-31 A new Hong Kong gangster film, Color of the Game, or Hei Bai Mi Gong in Chinese, will hit Chinese mainland theaters on September 1st. 一部新香港警匪片《黑白迷宫》将于9月1日在中国大陆上映。 Color of the Game, which stars veteran Hong Kong actors Jord... 阅读全文>>

日期:2017-08-29 They may look cute and seem harmless, but neck floats for babies can have deadly consequences, an expert warns. Kyran Quinlan, associate professor of pediatrics at Rush University, made the claim as the trendy gadgets continue to flood social media.... 阅读全文>>

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