NY socialite heir guilty of theft 纽约名流后人犯偷窃罪
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A New York court has convicted the 85-year-old son of late US socialite and philanthropist Brooke Astor of looting his mother's estate in her final years.

纽约一座法庭判处现年已85岁的美国近期社会名流、慈善家Brooke Astor的儿子在其母亲晚年非法掠夺其财产。

Marshall said his mother willingly gave him the money he inherited
Marshall said his mother willingly gave him the money he inherited

Anthony Marshall was found to have given himself an unauthorised pay rise of $1m for managing her finances.

Prosecutors1 had argued that there was no way his mother could have consented to(赞成) the payment because she had advanced Alzheimer's disease at the time.

Brooke Astor left a fortune put at $180m (£112m) when she died in 2007.

Marshall, her only son, faces a mandatory2(命令的,强制性的) jail sentence of between one and 25 years.

The jury also convicted one of the lawyers for Mrs Astor's estate, Francis X Morrissey Jr, on forgery3 charges.


After a five-month trial - including more than 19 weeks of testimony5(证言,证据) and 12 days of deliberations(考虑,细想) - the jury at the State Supreme6 Court in Manhattan found Marshall guilty of first-degree grand larceny7(大盗窃罪), scheming to defraud8(欺骗) and 12 other counts. It acquitted9(开释,释放) him of two other charges.

In his closing statement, Assistant District Attorney Joel J Seidemann asked jurors to hold Mr Marshall "accountable for stealing from and defrauding10 a great philanthropist(博爱的人,慈善家), a great New Yorker and human being in the sunset of her life".

Marshall's lawyer, Frederick Hafetz said he was "stunned(震惊) by the verdict".

"We are greatly disappointed in it and we will definitely appeal(恳求,上诉)," he added.

The two men will remain free on bail11 until they are sentenced on 8 December.

During the trial, prosecutors had portrayed12 Marshall as greedy and said he had exploited his mother's declining mental state(精神状态,心理状态) to secure for himself millions of dollars of inheritance(遗产,遗传) that were intended to go to charity.

High-profile witnesses

Marshall's lawyers had said his mother was lucid13(头脑清楚的,清晰的) when she willingly bequeathed(遗赠,遗留) him the riches he inherited from her fortune.

But the prosecution14 argued that Mrs Astor's Alzheimer's had advanced so far when she amended15 her will and made other financial decisions that benefited her son that there was no way she could have consented(同意,承诺).

The jury heard from high-profile witnesses including Henry Kissinger, Barbara Walters and Annette de la Renta, among others.

Brooke Astor, who died at the age of 105, played a prominent(杰出的,显著的) role in New York's social life and gave millions to institutions such as the New York Public Library and the Carnegie Hall.


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