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Get creative in the kitchen 厨房大显身手
You’re stuck at home and your pantry is calling your name. You might not have all the ingredients you need, but don’t let that stop you. See what you can put together with the staples2 you have.
You could even give baking a go. You know those sweet treats would be a hit with your family and neighbors if you want to share from a distance. I mean who doesn’t want to whip up a cake after binge-watching “The Great British Bake Off” for hours?
With pretty much everyone stuck at home, except those who have essential jobs, you might just find a celebrity3 chef giving a tutorial online. Or a simple YouTube tutorial will also suffice.
Start or perfect a hobby 开启或完善兴趣爱好
Is there a craft project you’ve been meaning to tackle, or a professional camera lying around collecting dust? You are home with plenty of time on your hands, so now is the time to either pick up that forgotten hobby or start a new one.
If you’ve been wanting to learn how to play an instrument, you could order one online and find how-to videos on YouTube. Fender is also giving away three months of guitar lessons. You know you’ve been dying to play the guitar.
There’s a how-to video for everything on YouTube, so get to searching and don’t let this time go to waste.
Take an online class 上一门网课
Universities and colleges around the world have online classes you could take. And now you have the time. It’s a win-win scenario4 for all.
That online class could also include you learning a new language. Give Duolingo or a similar app a try. You’ll be ready for an international vacation by the time this lockdown is lifted.
Start a garden 开始建个花园
Starting a garden is a great way to cut down on the essential groceries you need to pick up at the store. It also can be very therapeutic5 during this stressful time.
You don’t have to go and dig up your backyard to plant the seeds, there are ways to grow vegetables and herbs inside. Simply find a kit1 online and get started.
You’ll thank yourself later when you have yummy veggies and herbs at the ready after those online cooking classes you’ve been taking.
Virtual happy hour with friends 和朋友闲聊
Now is not the time to hole up and be antisocial. Our mental health still needs to be social with others, you might just have to do it virtually.
Get a group chat going or better yet have a virtual happy hour with friends. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite adult beverage6 and hop7 on a Zoom8 call with your besties.
This connection will likely bring out all the laughs, and laughter is some of the best medicine right now.
While we may continue to forget what day it is, the coronavirus doesn’t have to ruin all of our fun. Hopefully you’re willing to give at least one of these ideas a try. And if not, here’s a few more lists of at-home ideas, many including TV, because we know that’s what you really want to do.


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