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Frederick Aiken: Sir.
Reverdy Johnson: Well, nice of you to show, Mr. Aiken.
Frederick Aiken: I'm sorry for being late, Senator.
Reverdy Johnson: You aware the trial of the conspirators1 begins today?
Frederick Aiken: Yes, sir. There's not a seat to be had.
Reverdy Johnson: Well, now you have one.
Frederick Aiken: How's that, sir?
Reverdy Johnson: I've taken one of the cases, and I want you to be my second chair.
Frederick Aiken: I thought the government was planning a military tribunal.
Reverdy Johnson: Oh, indeed. Stanton has chosen nine of his most loyal officers to be judges, all for Union. In fact, he's picked one of Lincoln's pallbearers to head the Commission. Uh, let's go.
Frederick Aiken: Uh, I'm sorry, sir. I might be being a little slow, but won't the War Department be handling the prosecution3?
Reverdy Johnson: Stanton's most trusted judge advocate general, Joseph Holt, will be in charge.
Frederick Aiken: Then what are we to do?
Reverdy Johnson: Defend one of the eight.
Frederick Aiken: Defend one of the assassins?
Reverdy Johnson: Alleged4 assassins, counselor5. I had a letter from the lady this morning. She runs a boarding house, a Mrs. Mary...
Frederick Aiken: Surratt?
Reverdy Johnson: Yes, that's it.
Frederick Aiken: Sir, her son John was Booth's right hand.
Reverdy Johnson: Well, if they suspect her son, they should try him.
Frederick Aiken: [laughs] They would if they could find him, but they've got 250 agents out looking for him. She built the nest that hatched this plot. President Johnson said it himself.
Reverdy Johnson: Well, I know this goes hard with you, Freddie, but... but what they're plannin', which is a military trial of civilians6, is an atrocity8.
Frederick Aiken: No, no. What she did is an atrocity.
Reverdy Johnson: There's no presumption9 of innocence10, no burden of proof, no jury of your peers and no appeal.
Frederick Aiken: All right, you were one of Lincoln's pallbearers, too. How can you represent her?
Reverdy Johnson: She's entitled to a defense11, Freddie, so I shall defend her.
General Hunter: Mary E. Surratt, in aid of the existing armed rebellion against the United States, you are charged with having received, entertained, harbored, concealed12, aided and assisted John Wilkes Booth, John A. Surratt and their confederates... David E. Herold... Lewis Payne... George A. Atzerodt... Michael O'Laughlen... Edmund Spangler... Samuel A. Mudd... and Samuel Arnold... in traitorous13 and murderous conspiracy14 to kill then-President Abraham Lincoln, Vice15 President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William Seward. Pursuant to special orders number 211 and 216, how do you plead? What say you, madam? Guilty or not?
Mary Surratt: I am innocent.
General Hunter: In that case, as each of the defendants16 has entered a not-guilty plea, we will begin. Judge Advocate Holt, please proceed.
Reverdy Johnson: Just a moment, Your Honor.
General Hunter: What is it, Senator?
Reverdy Johnson: I... I wish to request an adjournment18.
General Hunter: An adjournment? We just got here.
Reverdy Johnson: My client has been in custody19 for a month, wasn't allowed to contact counsel until yesterday.
Joseph Holt: General Hunter, a delay will only serve to prolong the nation's sorrow.
Reverdy Johnson: My learned colleague, you've had over four weeks to prepare your case, no doubt assisted by the entire War Department. I believe the defendant17 is entitled to equal consideration.
General Hunter: Senator Johnson, our fellow citizens must be permitted to put this tragedy to rest. The sooner we dispose of this matter, the better... for everyone.
Reverdy Johnson: Everyone but my client.
General Hunter: Judge Advocate Holt, please proceed.
Reverdy Johnson: In that case, I move for termination.
General Hunter: Termination?
Reverdy Johnson: On the grounds this trial is unconstitutional. The defendant is a civilian7 entitled to a public trial before a jury of her peers.
Joseph Holt: The attorney general has affirmed the legitimacy20 of this proceeding21.
Reverdy Johnson: Has he furnished a verdict as well?
General Hunter: Senator. You will mind the horror which summons us.
Reverdy Johnson: Indeed. We all mourn the loss of our leader, but in our grief, let us not betray our better judgment22 and partake in an inquisition.
Military commission member: Inquisition? How dare you? Sounds to me like we have the enemy among us. Maryland not being among our most loyal of states during the war, its senator ought to certify23 his allegiance to this court.
Reverdy Johnson: I have served this nation as its attorney general. That is certification enough.
General Hunter: Nevertheless, we may require counsel to sign this oath of loyalty24 as prescribed by Congress.
Reverdy Johnson: I am a member of Congress, the same body that creates armies, authorizes25 military tribunals and makes major generals like you.
General Hunter: Our authorization27 comes from the War secretary, Edwin Stanton, and by order of the president.
Reverdy Johnson: If our founding fathers had desired tyranny to prevail, the president and his War secretary would have been granted such indiscriminate powers, but they drafted a Constitution with laws against such powers. They did so precisely28 for times like this.
General Hunter: Order! Order! Order!
妙语佳句 活学活用
1. conspirator2: 同谋者。
2. second chair: 次席律师;助理律师。指帮助首席律师(lead counsel)询问证人、向法庭辩论某些法律点,以及处理对候选陪审员的预先审查(voir dire29)、作开庭陈述、法庭辩论总结等的律师。
3. military tribunal: 军事法庭。
4. pallbearer: 护柩者,抬棺者。
5. judge advocate general: 军法署署长。
6. boarding house: 寄宿公寓。
7. try: 审理,审判。请看例子:Their case will be tried next month.(他们的案子将在下个月开审。)
8. hatch: 策划。看一下例句:They hatched a plan to murder the king.(他们密谋杀害国王。)
9. I know this goes hard with you: 我知道这对你来说很难。
10. atrocity: 残暴的行为。例如:The aggressors committed appalling30 atrocities31.(侵略者犯下了骇人听闻的暴行。)该词还可以表示“庸俗不堪(或使人极不愉快)的事物”。看一下例子:The new library building is an atrocity.(那幢新建的图书馆大楼难看极了。)
11. presumption: 假定,设想。
12. pursuant to: 根据,依照。
13. plead: 辩护,抗辩。
14. not-guilty plea: 无罪抗辩。
15. adjournment: 休庭。
16. prolong: 延长。看一下例子:People have all along been seeking to prolong life.(人们一直在寻求长寿之道。)
17. entitled to: 有权享有。
18. dispose of: 解决,处理。
19. unconstitutional: 违反宪法的。
20. proceeding: 诉讼;诉讼程序。
21. verdict: (陪审团的)裁决。
22. inquisition: 恣意镇压;严密审讯。
23. certify: 担保,保证;证明。
24. allegiance: 忠诚,忠贞。
25. prescribe: 规定,指定。例如:Do not prescribe to me what I'm going to do.(不要规定我做什么事。)
26. authorize26: 授权给。


1 conspirators d40593710e3e511cb9bb9ec2b74bccc3     
n.共谋者,阴谋家( conspirator的名词复数 )
  • The conspirators took no part in the fighting which ensued. 密谋者没有参加随后发生的战斗。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The French conspirators were forced to escape very hurriedly. 法国同谋者被迫匆促逃亡。 来自辞典例句
2 conspirator OZayz     
  • We started abusing him,one conspirator after another adding his bitter words.我们这几个预谋者一个接一个地咒骂他,恶狠狠地骂个不停。
  • A conspirator is not of the stuff to bear surprises.谋反者是经不起惊吓的。
3 prosecution uBWyL     
  • The Smiths brought a prosecution against the organizers.史密斯家对组织者们提出起诉。
  • He attempts to rebut the assertion made by the prosecution witness.他试图反驳原告方证人所作的断言。
4 alleged gzaz3i     
  • It was alleged that he had taken bribes while in office. 他被指称在任时收受贿赂。
  • alleged irregularities in the election campaign 被指称竞选运动中的不正当行为
5 counselor czlxd     
  • The counselor gave us some disinterested advice.顾问给了我们一些无私的忠告。
  • Chinese commercial counselor's office in foreign countries.中国驻国外商务参赞处。
6 civilians 2a8bdc87d05da507ff4534c9c974b785     
平民,百姓( civilian的名词复数 ); 老百姓
  • the bloody massacre of innocent civilians 对无辜平民的血腥屠杀
  • At least 300 civilians are unaccounted for after the bombing raids. 遭轰炸袭击之后,至少有300名平民下落不明。
7 civilian uqbzl     
  • There is no reliable information about civilian casualties.关于平民的伤亡还没有确凿的信息。
  • He resigned his commission to take up a civilian job.他辞去军职而从事平民工作。
8 atrocity HvdzW     
  • These people are guilty of acts of great atrocity.这些人犯有令人发指的暴行。
  • I am shocked by the atrocity of this man's crimes.这个人行凶手段残忍狠毒使我震惊。
9 presumption XQcxl     
  • Please pardon my presumption in writing to you.请原谅我很冒昧地写信给你。
  • I don't think that's a false presumption.我认为那并不是错误的推测。
10 innocence ZbizC     
  • There was a touching air of innocence about the boy.这个男孩有一种令人感动的天真神情。
  • The accused man proved his innocence of the crime.被告人经证实无罪。
11 defense AxbxB     
  • The accused has the right to defense.被告人有权获得辩护。
  • The war has impacted the area with military and defense workers.战争使那个地区挤满了军队和防御工程人员。
12 concealed 0v3zxG     
  • The paintings were concealed beneath a thick layer of plaster. 那些画被隐藏在厚厚的灰泥层下面。
  • I think he had a gun concealed about his person. 我认为他当时身上藏有一支枪。
13 traitorous 938beb8f257e13202e2f1107668c59b0     
adj. 叛国的, 不忠的, 背信弃义的
  • All traitorous persons and cliques came to no good end. 所有的叛徒及叛徒集团都没好下场。
  • Most of the time I keep such traitorous thoughts to myself. 这种叛逆思想我不大向别人暴露。
14 conspiracy NpczE     
  • The men were found guilty of conspiracy to murder.这些人被裁决犯有阴谋杀人罪。
  • He claimed that it was all a conspiracy against him.他声称这一切都是一场针对他的阴谋。
15 vice NU0zQ     
  • He guarded himself against vice.他避免染上坏习惯。
  • They are sunk in the depth of vice.他们堕入了罪恶的深渊。
16 defendants 7d469c27ef878c3ccf7daf5b6ab392dc     
被告( defendant的名词复数 )
  • The courts heard that the six defendants had been coerced into making a confession. 法官审判时发现6位被告人曾被迫承认罪行。
  • As in courts, the defendants are represented by legal counsel. 与法院相同,被告有辩护律师作为代表。 来自英汉非文学 - 政府文件
17 defendant mYdzW     
  • The judge rejected a bribe from the defendant's family.法官拒收被告家属的贿赂。
  • The defendant was borne down by the weight of evidence.有力的证据使被告认输了。
18 adjournment e322933765ade34487431845446377f0     
休会; 延期; 休会期; 休庭期
  • The adjournment of the case lasted for two weeks. 该案休庭期为两周。
  • The solicitor moved for an adjournment of the case. 律师请求将这个案件的诉讼延期。
19 custody Qntzd     
  • He spent a week in custody on remand awaiting sentence.等候判决期间他被还押候审一个星期。
  • He was taken into custody immediately after the robbery.抢劫案发生后,他立即被押了起来。
20 legitimacy q9tzJ     
  • The newspaper was directly challenging the government's legitimacy.报纸直接质疑政府的合法性。
  • Managing from the top down,we operate with full legitimacy.我们进行由上而下的管理有充分的合法性。
21 proceeding Vktzvu     
  • This train is now proceeding from Paris to London.这次列车从巴黎开往伦敦。
  • The work is proceeding briskly.工作很有生气地进展着。
22 judgment e3xxC     
  • The chairman flatters himself on his judgment of people.主席自认为他审视人比别人高明。
  • He's a man of excellent judgment.他眼力过人。
23 certify tOozp     
  • I can certify to his good character.我可以证明他品德好。
  • This swimming certificate is to certify that I can swim one hundred meters.这张游泳证是用以证明我可以游100米远。
24 loyalty gA9xu     
  • She told him the truth from a sense of loyalty.她告诉他真相是出于忠诚。
  • His loyalty to his friends was never in doubt.他对朋友的一片忠心从来没受到怀疑。
25 authorizes 716083de28a1fe3e0ba0233e695bce8c     
授权,批准,委托( authorize的名词复数 )
  • The dictionary authorizes the two spellings 'traveler' and 'traveller'. 字典裁定traveler和traveller两种拼法都对。
  • The dictionary authorizes the two spellings "honor" and "honour.". 字典裁定 honor 及 honour 两种拼法均可。
26 authorize CO1yV     
  • He said that he needed to get his supervisor to authorize my refund.他说必须让主管人员批准我的退款。
  • Only the President could authorize the use of the atomic bomb.只有总统才能授权使用原子弹。
27 authorization wOxyV     
  • Anglers are required to obtain prior authorization from the park keeper.垂钓者必须事先得到公园管理者的许可。
  • You cannot take a day off without authorization.未经批准你不得休假。
28 precisely zlWzUb     
  • It's precisely that sort of slick sales-talk that I mistrust.我不相信的正是那种油腔滑调的推销宣传。
  • The man adjusted very precisely.那个人调得很准。
29 dire llUz9     
  • There were dire warnings about the dangers of watching too much TV.曾经有人就看电视太多的危害性提出严重警告。
  • We were indeed in dire straits.But we pulled through.那时我们的困难真是大极了,但是我们渡过了困难。
30 appalling iNwz9     
  • The search was hampered by appalling weather conditions.恶劣的天气妨碍了搜寻工作。
  • Nothing can extenuate such appalling behaviour.这种骇人听闻的行径罪无可恕。
31 atrocities 11fd5f421aeca29a1915a498e3202218     
n.邪恶,暴行( atrocity的名词复数 );滔天大罪
  • They were guilty of the most barbarous and inhuman atrocities. 他们犯有最野蛮、最灭绝人性的残暴罪行。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The enemy's atrocities made one boil with anger. 敌人的暴行令人发指。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
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