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Mike returned to his dorm room and tacked1 up his school calendar, right over the Scare Games flyer he'd picked up earlier. Then he started planning his studying time for the rest of the semester.
But Randy didn't want to think about school. The first day of classes was over, so he — and most of the other kids — wanted to unwind.
"Come on, Mike. It's a fraternity and sorority party," Randy said, referring to the student Greek clubs. "We have to go!"
Mike flipped2 his calendar to December and marked the date for the Scaring final exam in red ink. He looked at Randy. "We flunk3 that scaring final, we are done. I'm not taking any chances." He sat down at his desk and pulled out a textbook.
"We've got the whole semester to study," Randy protested. "But this might be our only chance to get in good with the cool kids. That's why I made these cupcakes".
Mike looked at the tray of cupcakes Randy held. Each one had a letter on top, and together, they spelled out BE MY DAL. Randy suddenly noticed the misspelling and twisted the cupcake with the "d" so it turned into a "p". Now the message read BE MY PAL4.
"Oops," Randy said, adjusting his thick glasses. "That could have been embarrassing."
But Mike still wouldn't go. "When I'm a Scarer, life will be a nonstop party," he said, walking Randy to the door. "Stay out of trouble, wild man!"
Randy giggled5. "Wild man!" He liked the sound of that.
Mike smiled, too, and closed the door. Then he rubbed his hands together, eager to dive into his books. He looked at his MU hat on the windowsill and sighed happily.
Just then, he heard a snuffling noise and a strange pig-faced animal popped up at his window. "What the ...?" Mike said in confusion.
The creature snorted as it f lopped through the window and landed on the f loor, its six legs f lailing. Mike jumped back when it ran around the f loor wildly. Then a large blue hand appeared on the windowsill.
"ARCHIE!" Sulley yelled as he fell into Mike's room with a thud. The pig ran over Sulley's stomach and under Mike's bed.
"Hey!" Mike shouted, jumping onto a chair. "What are you doing?"
"Shhhh," Sulley replied. "Shhhh."
"Wait," Mike said. "You're shushing me? You can't shush m —" But before he could finish, Sulley put his big blue hand over Mike's mouth.
Sulley peeked6 out the window and saw four big Fear Tech guys run by. "Where'd he go?" one called out. "That guy's in big trouble!" They were scouring7 the campus for Sulley.
"Hey, guys, over here!" another shouted, and they all took of f.
Sulley watched them leave. "Fear Tech dummies," he said, chuckling8. Mike mumbled9 something, and Sulley realized he still had his hand clamped over Mike's mouth. "Oh, sorry about that, buddy," he said, and let Mike go.
Mike was gasping10 for air. "Why are you in my room?" he asked angrily.
Sulley seemed confused for a second. "Your room?" He looked around and said, "Huh, this is not my room," then shrugged11 and turned his attention back to the pig. "Archie? Come here, boy!"
"Archie?" Mike asked in disbelief.
"Archie the Scare Pig," Sulley said as he kneeled down and tried to pull the animal from under the bed. "He's Fear Tech's mascot12. I stole it! Gonna take it to the RORs."
"The what?" Mike asked.
Sulley stood up. "Roar Omega Roar? The top fraternity on campus? They only accept the ‘highly elite13', " he said, poking14 his big blue chest with his thumb. Then he turned back to the creature. "Okay," he told Mike, "I'll lift the bed, you grab the pig. Ready?"
"What? No, no!" Mike cried as Sulley quickly counted to three and then shoved Mike under the bed. The bed bumped and bucked15 as Mike struggled underneath16.
"Don't let go!" Sulley called out. "And watch out. He's a biter!" Archie shot out from under the bed, dragging Mike behind him. He ran over Sulley, leaped out of Mike's hands, and landed on top of Mike's bookcase.
Sulley quickly began climbing after him. He reached for the creature, shouting, "I got 'im!" just as the whole bookcase came crashing to the f loor.
Sulley landed on the floor, laughing. "That was awesome17!" Then he looked at Mike. "What am I doing? I haven't introduced myself: James P. Sullivan."
"Mike Wazowski," Mike said, trying to lead Sulley toward the door. "Listen, it was quite delightful18 meeting you and whatever that is, but if you don't mind, I have to study my scaring."
Sulley rolled his eyes. "Pssh, you don't need to study scaring, you just do it."
"Really?" Mike replied. "I think there's a little more to it than that. But hey, thanks for stopping by." Mike was about to open the door when he turned and saw the pig ... with his beloved MU hat in its mouth. "Let go of that!" Mike shouted, and lunged for the hat. But Archie leaped out the window. "My hat!" Mike screamed as he dashed through the doorway19, hoping to intercept20 the pig outside.
"My pig!" Sulley shouted, following right behind him.


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