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French mayors and their deputies cannot invoke1 their freedom of conscience to refuse to perform same-sex marriages that Paris legalized last May, the country's Constitutional Council ruled on Friday.

Seven mayors, backed by groups that led mass protests against gay nuptials2(婚礼) early this year, asked France's highest constitutional authority for a ruling after the Interior Ministry3 threatened dissenters4(反对者) with jail or fines.
Gay marriage opponents condemned5 the decision and vowed6 to take the issue to the European Court of Human Rights.
"The legislator has not violated their freedom of conscience," the Council said in its ruling.
The government did not include an opt-out clause "to assure the law is applied7 by its agents and to guarantee the proper functioning and neutrality of public service," it added.
President Francois Hollande promised to legalize gay marriage as the major social reform of his five-year presidency8. It is a touchstone issue for many of his Socialist9 supporters.
After the law came into effect, several mayors announced they would refuse to perform such marriages, prompting Interior Minister Manuel Valls to issue a memo10 warning they risked five years in jail or a 7,500-euro fine for discrimination.
Under French law, all couples must be married in civil ceremonies conducted by mayors or their deputies. Those choosing a religious wedding can only do so after this ceremony.
Ludovine de la Rochere, head of the "Demo for All" movement championing traditional marriage, rejected the ruling and said: "We will go to the European Court of Human Rights."
But Paris regional councilor Jean-Luc Romero hailed it as a setback11 for "homophobic(害怕同性恋的) mayors" and said: "This country's laws are not applied selectively."
Valls's memo reminded mayors and their deputies that they could empower a municipal councilor to perform a marriage if they were not available, but not out of opposition12 to the law.
According to the gay magazine Tetu, 510 same-sex couples married in Paris in the four months from June to September, accounting13 for 12 percent of all weddings celebrated14 during that period in the French capital.


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  • Let us invoke the blessings of peace.让我们祈求和平之福。
  • I hope I'll never have to invoke this clause and lodge a claim with you.我希望我永远不会使用这个条款向你们索赔。
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