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Documents leaked at the UN climate summit reveal divisions between industrialised and developing countries over the shape of a possible new deal.


The leaked text has overshadowed the first day\
The leaked text has overshadowed the first day\'s upbeat speeches

Campaigners say a draft草稿 text proposed by the Danish host government would disadvantage poorer nations.

It also sees everything coming under a single new deal, whereas然而 an alternative text from developing countries wants an extension to the Kyoto Protocol1.

Other blocs2 are expected to release their own texts in the next few days.

Chairmen of working groups will then have to turn the various documents into a political document that 100-odd world leaders, plus delegates代表 representing all other nations, could sign at the end of the conference.

The Danish document, plus the alternative text submitted by the BASIC group (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) were discussed by a small group of key countries in Copenhagen last week.

But the Danish proposal had remained under wraps秘密的 until The Guardian3 newspaper published it on its website during the second afternoon of the conference.

More ambition

The documents show that at the broadest level, developed and developing worlds are split on several points:
the level of cuts from developed countries
the establishment of a target date by which global emissions5 should peak and begin to fall
most fundamentally, the shape of any future deal.

The BASIC draft sees emission4 reductions from developed countries coming under the Kyoto Protocol, whereas the Danish draft envisages面对,正视 all measures coming under a single new agreement.

Although this might appear a technical point, developing countries have so far remained adamant7非常坚硬的 on the retention8 of the protocol because of the measures it contains on financial assistance and technology transfer, and because it is the only legally binding9 treaty in existence that makes countries reduce emissions.

The Danish text sets out a vision of greenhouse gas emissions peaking globally by 2020, then declining.

It specifies10 a 50% emissions cut globally (from 1990 levels) by 2050. Most industrialised nations have already pledged an 80% cut in their own emissions.

According to some calculations, those figures, when combined with projected population growth in the developing world, mean that per-capita人 emissions in developing countries will remain below those in the west, "locking in" inequality.

Oxfam's Antonio Hill said industrialised nations had to offer bigger cuts than are currently on the table.

"The targets need to rise in ambition雄心,野心 and in line with what the science says," he told BBC News.

"We think that at least 40% (from 1990 levels by 2020) is needed; and even that is not enough to produce equity11."

However, Mr Hill suggested that measures on transferring finance from industrialised to developing countries - to help them curb12 their emissions and help them protect against the impacts of climate change - were "quite good".


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