Three Men in a Boat 三人同舟
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Three Men in a Boat Three men were sitting on a park bench. The one in the middle was reading a newspaper; the others were pretending to fish. They baited imaginary hooks, cast lines and reeled in their catch. A passing policeman stopped to watch the spectacle and asked the man in the middle if he knew the other two. "Oh yes, " he said. "They are my friends. "In that case, " warned the officer, "you'd better get them out of here!" "Yes, sir, " the man replied, and he began rowing furiously. 三人同舟    三位男子在公园的长椅上坐着。中间的一个在读报纸,另外两个在假装钓鱼。他们给想象的鱼钩上鱼饵,放线,并卷线把鱼抓上来。 一位过路警察驻足观察了这个景象,他问中间的那个男子是否认识其他两位。 “喔,认识,”他说,“他们是我的朋友。” “那样的话,”警察告诫说,“你最好把他们从这里弄走。” “好的,警官。”那男子回答说,接着就开始疯狂般地做起划桨的动作来。

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