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Jewel: Look, let's just get this chain broken.
Blu: Right. Then we can go and find Linda.
Jewel: No, you can go find Linda. Once this chain is off, I'm going to go back to being free in the jungle. Deal?
Blu: Fine. Deal.
Jewel: Nice try, brainiac.
(Leaves rustling)
Blu: I think something is watching us.
Jewel: Be careful, Blu. They might snuggle you to death.
Blu: Come here. Ow!
Toucan1 kids: Intruders!
Jewel: No! Don't!
Toucan kids: Attack!
(Both screaming)
Blu: Help!
Rafael: What's going on down there? Go, go. Off with you.
Toucan kids: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
Rafael: I've told you a thousand times. Manoela, Sofia, come on now, listen to me. Oh, yeah, right in the eye.
Jewel: Precious, aren't they?
Rafael: Kids? Seventeen of them and one on the way. Hey! He's not a maraca, stop shaking him! They're giving me gray feathers. Oh, this papa needs a break. So, you two lovebirds headed for Carnaval?
Jewel: Whoa! Lovebirds?
Blu: We're more like acquaintance-birds.
Jewel: Not even that, we're more like chained-to-each-other birds.
Blu: Yeah. I mean, if... Ow! What is it with this kid and the feathers?
Rafael: We have no idea. We're having him tested.
Jewel: So, do you think you could help us get this thing off?
Rafael: Lucky for you, you know Rafael, and Rafael knows everyone. Again with the eye. Okay, want me to call your mother?
Toucan kids: No!
Rafael: Works every time. They're scared to death of her.
Eva: Call me for what?
Rafael: Eva, my love...I must take this young couple to see Luiz.
Eva: Luiz! You don't fool me for a second. You and your amigo just want to sneak2 off to Carnaval.
Rafael: Carnaval. That magical time when I met the most beautiful bird in the world.
Blu: Oh!
Jewel: Ugh.
Rafael: I still remember the song that was playing when I first laid eyes on you. Tall and tan and young and lovely. The girl from Ipanema goes walking. Come on, baby, sing it! And when she passes, each one she passes goes, ah!
(Birds squawking)
Rafael: Like a river of the sweetest honey.
Jewel: Oh. I guess love is deaf, too.
Rafael: Come here.
Toucan kids: Eww.
Eva: Okay. Take them to Luiz, but hurry back.
Rafael: You are an angel. I'll miss you my juicy little mango.
Eva: I'll miss you my pudgy papaya.
(Kids shouting)
Eva: Hey! Marco! Carlos! Put your brother down, now!
Rafael: I can't believe she actually let me go.
Blu: So, how far is this Luiz?
Rafael: Not far. Thirty minutes as the crow flies.
Blu: And how long as the macaw walks?
Jewel: Bobo here can't fly.
Rafael: But he's a bird.
Blu: Not all birds fly. There are ostriches4...
Jewel: You're not an ostrich3.
Blu: Not technically5, but...
Rafael: Wait. My friends, I want to help, but to walk the whole way... It can't be done!
Toucan kids: Where's Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?
Eva: Come over here. Go back to your room.
Rafael: But, hey. We might as well give it a shot. Let's go quickly. No, don't look back. They sense fear.
Traveler A: What an adorable monkey.
(People laughing)
(Blowing raspberry)
Traveler B: Hey! My watch!
Nigel: Hello, boys. Seems like you've had a busy day.
Mauro: What? This? This is just some stuff we found. Right, boys?
Monkeys: Yeah. Yeah.
Nigel: I'm not interested in your nicked knick-knacks. Your burgled baubles7 bore me. There are two blue macaws out there and I need your multitude8 of eyes to help me find them.
Mauro: Oh, yeah? What's in it for us?
Nigel: Well, that's a fair question. (Screaming) Let's discuss it. I certainly see your point, but what could I possibly do for you in return?
Mauro: Save me! Save me!
Nigel: Well, that's a thought. Yeah. But is it enough? I don't want to feel like I'm cheating you.
Mauro: Help me! Help me! No, no! We'll do it, we'll do it. Save me, please. Save me!
Nigel: All right, you've twisted my wing. Deal. Now then? Any more questions? No? Good. You will spread out and you will find these macaws by the end of the day or it's flying lessons for everyone! Go!
(All hooting)
Nigel: Go do your monkey business.
妙语佳句 活学活用
1. brainiac: <美口> 超天才,源于《超人》连环画中一个超天才外星人的名字。影片中珠儿显然是讽刺。
2. snuggle: 紧抱。
3. maraca: 响葫芦。
4. lovebirds: 情侣。
5. amigo: <美>(源于西班牙语amigo)朋友。
6. sneak off: 偷偷溜走。
7. pudgy: 矮胖的;粗而短的。
8. papaya: 番木瓜。
9. ostrich: 驼鸟。也可以表示“逃避现实的人”。
10. give it a shot: 尽量试试。请看例句:Ernest was nevertheless willing to give it a shot.(尽管如此,欧内斯特仍然愿意做一下尝试。)
11. adorable: 可爱的。
12. nick: 偷,捞。例如:nick whatever one can lay one's hands on(顺手牵羊什么都捞)。
13. knick-knack: 小玩意儿。
14. burgled: 偷窃的,盗窃的。
15. bauble6: 没价值的东西;小玩意儿。
16. multitude of: 许多。
17. What's in it for us?: 我们能从中得到什么呢?
18. see your point: 明白你的意思。
19. Deal: 一言为定。
20. monkey business: 猢狲把戏,在这里是一语双关。monkey business可以表示“恶作剧”、“耍花招”或“胡闹”。例如:His wife could do nothing about his monkey business at the pub.(他的太太对于他在酒吧胡闹束手无策。)


1 toucan OgRzPt     
  • A toucan is a South American bird.巨嘴鸟是北美的一种鸟。
  • There is a toucan in this zoo.这个动物园有一只巨嘴鸟。
2 sneak vr2yk     
  • He raised his spear and sneak forward.他提起长矛悄悄地前进。
  • I saw him sneak away from us.我看见他悄悄地从我们身边走开。
3 ostrich T4vzg     
  • Ostrich is the fastest animal on two legs.驼鸟是双腿跑得最快的动物。
  • The ostrich indeed inhabits continents.鸵鸟确实是生活在大陆上的。
4 ostriches 527632ac780f6daef4ae4634bb94d739     
n.鸵鸟( ostrich的名词复数 );逃避现实的人,不愿正视现实者
  • They are the silliest lot of old ostriches I ever heard of. 他们真是我闻所未闻的一群最傻的老鸵鸟。 来自辞典例句
  • How ostriches could bear to run so hard in this heat I never succeed in understanding. 驼鸟在这样干燥炎热的地带为什么能疾速长跑,我永远也理解不了。 来自辞典例句
5 technically wqYwV     
  • Technically it is the most advanced equipment ever.从技术上说,这是最先进的设备。
  • The tomato is technically a fruit,although it is eaten as a vegetable.严格地说,西红柿是一种水果,尽管它是当作蔬菜吃的。
6 bauble BQ0yv     
  • That little bauble is not to be compared with this enormous jewel.那个小摆设不能与这个大宝石相比较。
  • A bauble is a showy ornament of little value.廉价珠宝是华而不实的装饰品。
7 baubles a531483f44d8124ba54d13dd9dbda91c     
n.小玩意( bauble的名词复数 );华而不实的小件装饰品;无价值的东西;丑角的手杖
  • The clothing category also includes jewelry and similar baubles. 服饰大类也包括珠宝与类似的小玩意。 来自互联网
  • The shop sells baubles as well. 这家商店也销售廉价珠宝。 来自互联网
8 multitude lF2xe     
  • He has a multitude of friend.他有许多朋友。
  • A growing economy covers a multitude of sins for the government.蓬勃的经济为政府掩盖种种见不得人的东西。
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