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Thayer: Ouch.

Ben: Huh?

Thayer: Yeah. Hey, don't feel bad. If I had a nickel for every time I got in a fist fight during a chick flick1, whoo!

Ben: Uh-huh, right. It really wasn't that bad.

Thayer: Really?

Ben: No. I mean, the getting punched in the face part sucked, right?

Thayer: Well...

Ben: But the getting taken care of after the punch--it was nice.

Thayer: All right! Florence Nightingale syndrome2, yeah. You want me to tape the game for you tonight?

Ben: No need, my friend. I'll be watching the Knicks from the comfort of my own home this evening.

Thayer: How'd you swing that?

Ben: Oh, yeah. What's good to grill3?

Thayer: No.

Ben: Heavyweight.

Thayer: You're making the lamb.

Ben: Voilà. A woman loves a man who can cook, yeah?

Thayer: Bringing out the big guns.

Ben: Let's go deep.

Thayer: I like it.

Andie: Why do they always forget my bacon?

Jeannie: I can't believe you got that guy knocked out.

Andie: Only for a few seconds. He was the most adorable, unconscious man ever. Mm-hmm.

Michelle: Are you dating him, or are you contemplating4 adoption5?

Andie’s boss: Andie, I am loving your notes on this piece.

Andie: Thank you, Lana.

Andie’s boss: When are you seeing him again?

Andie: Tonight. He's invited me over for dinner.

Andie’s boss: Marvelous. I've got a feeling about this one.

Andie: Thanks, Lana.

Michelle: I hate it when she pops her head in like that.

Andie: I never noticed it.

Andie’s boss: Ahem! I heard that. And Andie, tonight, take smaller bites.

Michelle: Oh, my God!

Jeannie: Disgusting. I can barely eat over here.

Ben: Come on in. Door's open.

Andie: Hi.

Ben: Hey, there. I hope you brought your appetite, girl.

Andie: Whew.

Ben: We got a feast tonight.

Andie: Hmm.

Ben: Mmm...

Andie: Oh...Benny, isn't that sweet?

Ben: Hmm? Go on and pour yourself a glass of wine. We got diner in about five and tip-off in about eight.

Andie: Great. I'm starving.

Ben: Ah...Mmm...Ah...Oh...So perfectly6 pink!

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. chick flick: <口><贬>(迎合年轻女性口味的)年轻女性影片。chick在俚语中指“少女、少妇、小妞”。例如:That chick is really cute.(那个小妞真俏。)

flick是口语,指“电影,影片”,例如:an action flick(动作片)。The flicks则是指“电影院”。看一下例子:

What's on at the flicks7 tonight?(今晚电影院放映什么影片?)

2. Florence Nightingale syndrome: 在影片中Thayer指的是弗洛伦斯·南丁格尔情结。它可以指护士对她所照顾的病人产生的爱意或病人对照顾自己的护士萌生的感情。Thayer的意思是Ben因为受伤时受到照顾而感觉很好。

3. tape: 把……录于录音(或录像)磁带。例如:tape a conversation(用磁带把谈话录下来)

4. How'd you swing that: 你是怎么办到的?swing在这里的意思是“决定性地影响;成功地处置,对付”,用在口语中。影片中Thayer很惊讶Ben怎么能又看球赛,又陪女友。请看例子:How are they going to swing the high cost of higher education?(他们打算怎样解决高等教育昂贵的费用问题?)

5. grill: (在烤架等上面)烤炙。

6. heavyweight: 特别有分量的人或物,影片中指的是Andie。

7. Voilà: <法> 瞧,那就是。用于在完成某事后吸引他人的注意,或表达展示完某物或做完某事后的满足之情。

8. big gun: <口> 大人物,有影响的人物。

9. knock out: 击昏。例如:He was knocked out in the accident.(他在那次事故中被撞昏了。)knock out还可以表示“使精疲力尽”,看一下例子:

They knocked themselves out with work.(工作把他们累垮了。)

此外,knock out还有“使震惊;给……留下深刻印象”的意思。请看例子:

Her performance completely knocked me out.(她的表演完全令我倾倒了。)

10. I hope you brought your appetite: 我希望你今天有好胃口。这是宴请宾客时常用的一句话。

11. tip-off: (篮球比赛开始时的)跳球。也用来指“告发,泄密”。


1 flick mgZz1     
  • He gave a flick of the whip.他轻抽一下鞭子。
  • By a flick of his whip,he drove the fly from the horse's head.他用鞭子轻抽了一下,将马头上的苍蝇驱走。
2 syndrome uqBwu     
  • The Institute says that an unidentified virus is to blame for the syndrome. 该研究所表示,引起这种综合症的是一种尚未确认的病毒。
  • Results indicated that 11 fetuses had Down syndrome. 结果表明有11个胎儿患有唐氏综合征。
3 grill wQ8zb     
  • Put it under the grill for a minute to brown the top.放在烤架下烤一分钟把上面烤成金黄色。
  • I'll grill you some mutton.我来给你烤一些羊肉吃。
4 contemplating bde65bd99b6b8a706c0f139c0720db21     
深思,细想,仔细考虑( contemplate的现在分词 ); 注视,凝视; 考虑接受(发生某事的可能性); 深思熟虑,沉思,苦思冥想
  • You're too young to be contemplating retirement. 你考虑退休还太年轻。
  • She stood contemplating the painting. 她站在那儿凝视那幅图画。
5 adoption UK7yu     
  • An adoption agency had sent the boys to two different families.一个收养机构把他们送给两个不同的家庭。
  • The adoption of this policy would relieve them of a tremendous burden.采取这一政策会给他们解除一个巨大的负担。
6 perfectly 8Mzxb     
  • The witnesses were each perfectly certain of what they said.证人们个个对自己所说的话十分肯定。
  • Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board.我们做的每件事情都是光明正大的。
7 flicks be7565962bbd3138e53d782064502ca3     
(尤指用手指或手快速地)轻击( flick的第三人称单数 ); (用…)轻挥; (快速地)按开关; 向…笑了一下(或瞥了一眼等)
  • 'I shall see it on the flicks, I suppose.' “电影上总归看得见。” 来自英汉文学
  • Last night to the flicks. 昨晚看了场电影。 来自英汉文学
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