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Ben: Of all the women Spears and Green could have thrown at me, this one is amazing. Hanging with her for ten days is going to be no problem.

Tony: Right, so, it's only nine days longer than you've ever spent with any other chick, huh?

Ben: That's why I didn't go for the gold immediately.

Tony: Oh.

Ben: I'm taking my time. It's a marathon, not a sprint1.

Thayer: Ten days is a marathon?

Ben: Okay, so it's more like the 3,000-meter hurdle2. The point is, she's already on the ropes, guys.

Thayer: Wow, that-that's a lot of sports analogies.

Tony: That it? That-that's it?

Ben: That's it.

Tony: Have you looked inside?

Ben: No.

Thayer: Do you have an ethical3 problem with rifling through a woman's purse?

Ben: Uh, yeah, I guess I do.

Tony: Well, it's hardly a purse, dude. It's more like a clutch or something.

Ben: Guys, a woman's purse, all right--it's her secret source of power. All right? There-there are many dark and dangerous things in there that we, the male species, should know nothing about.

Tony: Oh. Unless, of course, she, uh, left it behind intentionally4 to secure a next-day call back.

Ben: Mm-hmm. She's a very clever minx.

Tony: Oops, I'm sorry.

Ben: Oh, God. Um...Oh, shit, we got to clean that up.

Tony: Yeah, yeah.

Ben: Carefully. Carefully. Oh, what have we here? Let us see, let us see. Oh... Knicks tickets...

Tony: Huh.

Ben: ...for tonight's game.

Girl: Delivery, Andie.

People: Wow, look at those! Oh, who are those for?

Michelle: Andie, oh, my God!

Delivery man: Where do you want these?

People: Who are these to?

Michelle: Wait. "100 times..."...more beautiful..." Wait. "...than 100 roses."

Jeannie: Catchy5.

Andie: The guy's in advertising6. He can't help it.

Jeannie: So, does this mean he's hooked?

Andie: This means he found the Knicks tickets.

Michelle: You left the tickets in the purse?

Andie: Yeah.

Michelle: You are just on a whole different playing field. Here you go.

Andie: Mm-hmm. Andie Anderson.

Ben: Hey, hey, pretty girl.

Andie: Guess what? I got a really embarrassing display of white roses.

Ben: Well, you are welcome. Listen, I had a wonderful time last night. I have your bag.

Andie: Ah, I know. I can't believe I left it there.

Ben: Yeah, well, you must need it back, what with all the cash, credit cards, and...those Knicks tickets for tonight's game.

Andie: Sounds like you've been peeking8 through my bag, Ben.

Ben: Oh, absolutely not. Tony, my Art Director, he's an oaf, and he accidentally knocked it over.

Tony: Ow, right! Yeah, I'm a clumsy man.

Andie: All right, I'm sorry, though. I'm going to the game with somebody else.

Ben: Not anymore. Besides, what? You think you left your purse at my place by accident? No. Subconsciously10, you are dying to take me to that game. Denying your subconscious9 desires is extremely dangerous to your health, young lady.

Andie: Does that psycho-babble really work on anybody?

Ben: You tell me.

Michelle: Andie, you're so bad.

Andie: All right, meet me at the 7th Avenue entrance. 7:30. Don't be late.

Ben: You got it. Bye-bye.

Andie: Bye.

Ben: And that's how it's done.

Andie: And that's how it's done.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. sprint: 短距离赛跑。影片中Ben把十天的恋爱比作一场马拉松,而非短跑。可见Ben之前的恋爱经历都很短。

2. on the ropes: (拳击时)被挤到拳击台的围绳上。在这里Ben又把谈恋爱比作拳击赛,他认为他的对手Andie已经被他逼到了“拳击台的围绳上”,即没有还手的余地。例如:

have one's opponent on the ropes (把对手逼到拳击台的围绳上)

on the ropes还可以表示“濒于失败,即将完蛋,处于困境”。看一下例子:

The right political forces seemed to be on the ropes. 右派政治力量看上去要垮了。

3. rifle through: (尤指抱有不良意图)迅速翻查。影片中一开始Ben对于翻看女士的包还是有顾虑的。请看例子:

Someone's been rifling through my drawers, there's some money missing.


4. clutch: 即clutch bag,手握袋。

5. secure: 弄到,获得。影片中Tony怂恿Ben去翻看Andie的包,并说Andie有可能故意把包留下,这样第二天才能接到Ben的电话。请看例子:

I have at last secured a house. (我终于弄到一所房子了。)

6. minx: 冒失(或轻佻的)的少女。

7. catchy: 容易记住的。Jeannie指白玫瑰里的字条上的话很顺口,很好记。例如:a catchy tune11(容易上口的调子)。catchy还可以指“引起注意(或兴趣)的”,例如:a catchy title(引人注目的标题)。此外,catchy还可以表示“欺骗性的,难以对付的”,例如:a catchy question(引人上当的问题)。

8. peek7: 偷看,窥视。请看例子:

They caught him peeking through the hole at what was going on in the room.


9. oaf: 粗笨的人。看一下例子:

The oaf stumbled over the bucket, spilling all the water.


10. psycho-babble: <口>心理呓语(指肤浅地滥用心理学和精神病学概念和术语的言语或写作)。


1 sprint QvWwR     
n.短距离赛跑;vi. 奋力而跑,冲刺;vt.全速跑过
  • He put on a sprint to catch the bus.他全速奔跑以赶上公共汽车。
  • The runner seemed to be rallied for a final sprint.这名赛跑者似乎在振作精神作最后的冲刺。
2 hurdle T5YyU     
  • The weather will be the biggest hurdle so I have to be ready.天气将会是最大的障碍,所以我必须要作好准备。
  • She clocked 11.6 seconds for the 80 metre hurdle.八十米跳栏赛跑她跑了十一秒六。
3 ethical diIz4     
  • It is necessary to get the youth to have a high ethical concept.必须使青年具有高度的道德观念。
  • It was a debate which aroused fervent ethical arguments.那是一场引发强烈的伦理道德争论的辩论。
4 intentionally 7qOzFn     
  • I didn't say it intentionally. 我是无心说的。
  • The local authority ruled that he had made himself intentionally homeless and was therefore not entitled to be rehoused. 当地政府裁定他是有意居无定所,因此没有资格再获得提供住房。
5 catchy 1wkztn     
  • We need a new slogan.The old one's not catchy enough.我们需要新的口号,旧的不够吸引人。
  • The chorus is very catchy to say the least.副歌部分很容易上口。
6 advertising 1zjzi3     
n.广告业;广告活动 a.广告的;广告业务的
  • Can you give me any advice on getting into advertising? 你能指点我如何涉足广告业吗?
  • The advertising campaign is aimed primarily at young people. 这个广告宣传运动主要是针对年轻人的。
7 peek ULZxW     
  • Larry takes a peek out of the window.赖瑞往窗外偷看了一下。
  • Cover your eyes and don't peek.捂上眼睛,别偷看。
8 peeking 055254fc0b0cbadaccd5778d3ae12b50     
v.很快地看( peek的现在分词 );偷看;窥视;微露出
  • I couldn't resist peeking in the drawer. 我不由得偷看了一下抽屉里面。
  • They caught him peeking in through the keyhole. 他们发现他从钥匙孔里向里窥视。 来自辞典例句
9 subconscious Oqryw     
  • Nail biting is often a subconscious reaction to tension.咬指甲通常是紧张时的下意识反映。
  • My answer seemed to come from the subconscious.我的回答似乎出自下意识。
10 subconsciously WhIzFD     
  • In choosing a partner we are subconsciously assessing their evolutionary fitness to be a mother of children or father provider and protector. 在选择伴侣的时候,我们会在潜意识里衡量对方将来是否会是称职的母亲或者父亲,是否会是合格的一家之主。
  • Lao Yang thought as he subconsciously tightened his grasp on the rifle. 他下意识地攥紧枪把想。 来自汉英文学 - 散文英译
11 tune NmnwW     
  • He'd written a tune,and played it to us on the piano.他写了一段曲子,并在钢琴上弹给我们听。
  • The boy beat out a tune on a tin can.那男孩在易拉罐上敲出一首曲子。
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