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Weeks passed, and soon it was January and the start of a new semester. Back in class, Mike fidgeted in his seat as Professor Brandywine lectured about scream-can designs. This was Mike's new major. He stared out the window at the School of Scaring in the distance and wondered how it had all gone so wrong.
"Some say a career as a Scream Can Designer is boring, unchallenging, a waste of a monster's potential ..." Professor Brandywine droned on in a toneless voice. Mike couldn't have agreed more.
Across the classroom, Sulley sat and glared at Mike. In Sulley's mind, things at MU had been perfect until Mike Wazowski ruined it all.
When the class finally ended, Mike dejectedly headed back to his dorm. Sulley, still glaring furiously, followed Mike across most of the campus. He was seething1, and he wanted Mike to know it.
But Mike paid no attention to Sulley. He was too sad. He went straight to his dorm room and stared at his MU hat. He was heartbroken. He picked up his scream-can design textbook and sighed. Then he hurled2 it against the wall. As the book hit, it knocked down his calendar ... revealing the Greek Scare Games f lyer Mike had tacked3 to the wall on the f irst day of school.
Mike moved closer, staring at the f lyer. Slowly, a smile grew across his face. He tore the paper of f the wall and ran to the door. Opening it, he found Sulley standing4 there, still glaring. "Out of my way!" Mike shouted, and rushed down the hall.
Mike tore out of the building and ran toward Fraternity Row. A crowd of fraternity and sorority monsters f illed the area, facing a large outdoor stage.
Mike watched the Greek Council president stand up and address the crowd. "Welcome to this year's Greek Scare Games kickoff!" she said. Everyone cheered, yelling support for the fraternities and sororities that were competing. Then the council president continued. "We have a special guest. The founder5 of the Games, Dean Hardscrabble!"
The crowd cheered once again as Dean Hardscrabble stepped to the podium. "Good afternoon," she said in a low growl6. "As a student, I created these games as a friendly competition. But be prepared: to take home the trophy7, you must be the most fearsome monsters on campus!" After another round of cheers, she ended with a faint smile. "Good luck, and may the best monsters win!" The president smiled and announced, "All right, everybody! Sign-ups for the Scare Games are of f icially —"
But before she could say "closed," Mike shouted from the crowd, "WAIT! I'm signing up!"
Dean Hardscrabble's eyes narrowed as Mike pushed through the crowd. "You have to be in a fraternity to compete," the council president reminded Mike.
Mike turned and desperately8 scanned the crowd. Finally, he pointed9 to the only fraternity he thought might let him join. "Behold10! The next winning fraternity of the Scare Games," he said grandly, "the brothers, my brothers, of Oozma Kappa!"
The crowd turned to see the Oozma Kappa members, who looked almost as shocked as everyone else. The oddball group stood proudly, though: a balding, middle-aged11 monster; a scrawny two-headed, four-armed monster; a rosy-cheeked blob with a multitude of  eyes; and a shy, shaggy-haired monster. "Hi," the blobby kid said awkwardly. The balloon he was holding suddenly def lated, and the crowd howled with laughter.
Dean Hardscrabble approached Mike. "Mr. Wazowski," she said sternly, "what are you doing?"
"You just said the winners are the most fearsome monsters on campus," Mike replied. "If I win, it means you kicked out the best Scarer in the whole school."
"That won't happen," Dean Hardscrabble said f latly.
"Then how about a little wager12?" Mike said. A murmur13 of shock rose from the crowd. Was a student actually challenging her to a bet? Dean Hardscrabble shot him a predatory look. For a moment, Mike felt like she was going to splash soy sauce on him and eat him like an egg roll. But he stood his ground. "If I win, you let me back in the Scaring Program."
"And what would that prove?" she snarled14.
Mike replied, "That you were wrong."
Dean Hardscrabble thought for a moment as she reappraised the little green monster standing in front of her. "Very well," she said finally. "If you win, I will let your entire team into the Scaring Program. But if you lose, you will pack up your things and leave Monsters University."
"Deal," Mike said.
"Now all you need to do is find enough members to compete," Dean Hardscrabble said.
Mike looked at his little group and didn't see that he had a problem. He turned to the Greek Council president and asked, "What? We need six guys, right?"
"We count bodies, not heads," the president said, pointing to the two-headed monster. "That dude counts as one."
Dean Hardscrabble smiled as she watched Mike's panicked reaction. "Anyone else want to join our team?" Mike asked the crowd. "Anyone at all?"
Suddenly, Mike spotted15 his roommate in the crowd. "Randy! Randy, thank goodness, I need you on my team!"
"Oh, sorry, Mike," Randy said. "I'm already on a team." Randy walked over to Johnny, and Mike saw that he was wearing a ROR jacket.
"Boggs!" Johnny turned to Randy with a chuckle16. "Do the trick!" With a pained smile, Randy made himself disappear. The RORs burst out laughing.
Mike was desperate. He jumped on top of a nearby parked car and shouted, "Please, anybody! I need one more monster. Just one more!"
But no one answered.


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