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Be well
Some people find this grating. Not appropriate for a business email.
Retro, this sign-off wears its politics on its sleeve. It doesn't bother me but others might recoil1.
Yours Truly
I don't like this. It makes me feel like I'm ten years old and getting a note from a pen pal2 in Sweden.
Same problem as above.
Very Truly Yours
Lett likes this for business emails but I find it stilted3 and it has the pen pal problem.
Lett also likes this but to me, it signals that the writer is stuck in the past. Maybe OK for some formal business correspondence, like from the lawyer handling your dead mother's estate.
Sincerely Yours
Same problem as "Sincerely," but hokier.
I wonder how prevalent this is in the UK. I've only seen it from Americans who are trying for a British affectation. I know it shouldn't grate on me but it does. I also don't like people telling me to cheer up.
 我好奇这个在英国怎么这么流行。我只在试图模仿英国人的美国人的邮件中看到过这个。我知道这个不该激怒我,但是它确实会。我也不喜欢别人告诉我cheer up。
Ciao (意大利语的“你好;再见”)
Pretentious4 for an English-speaker, though I can see using it in a personal, playful email.
Your name
Terse5 but just fine in many circumstances. Probably not a good idea for an initial email.
Good if you know the recipient6 and even fine in a business context if it's someone with whom you correspond frequently.
This seems too informal, like over-sharing in the business context.
I've heard of this being used in business emails but I don't think it's a good idea.
Lots of love
I would only use this in a personal email. The "lots of" makes it even more inappropriately effusive7 than the simple, clean “Love.”
 我只会在私人邮件中使用这个。“Lots of”比简洁的“Love”更显得过度热情。
It's hard to imagine this in a business email but it's great when you're writing to your granny.
Smiley face
Emoticons are increasingly accepted, though some people find them grating. I wouldn't sign off this way unless I were writing to my kid.
I've gotten emails from colleagues with these symbols and I find they brighten my day.
I'm a sucker for variations on the smiley face made with punctuation8 marks, though I suspect most people don't like them.
High five from down low
A colleague shared this awful sign-off which is regularly used by a publicist who handles tech clients. An attempt to sound cool, which fails.
Take it easy bro
Though it might turn some people off, I would be fine receiving an email with this sign-off, knowing the sender lives in an informal milieu9.
See you around
Lett would cringe but this seems fine to me.
Have a wonderful bountiful lustful10 day
It's weird11 and off-putting.
Sent from my iPhone
This may be the most ubiquitous sign-off. It used to bother me but I realize that it explains brevity and typos.
Typos courtesy of my iPhone
Slightly clever but it's gotten old. Better to use the automated12 message.
Sent from a prehistoric13 stone tablet
I laughed the first time I read it but then the joke wore thin.
Pardon my monkey thumbs
Same problem here.
Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.
A preachy relic14 of the past. Who doesn't know that printing uses paper?
I think these are a great idea. At least they work well on my Dell desktop15 when I want to load a contact into Outlook.
This email is off the record unless otherwise indicated.
I'm wondering what kind of paranoid people put this in their signatures.
Lengthy16 disclaimers
We've all seen these and ignored them, though I understand that many companies require them. Forbes' in-house legal counsel, Kai Falkenberg, says she knows of no cases that have relied on legal disclaimers, though she says they might serve as persuasive17 evidence in a trade secrets case where a party was attempting to keep information confidential18.


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a.接受的,感受性强的 n.接受者,感受者,容器
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  • We have a confidential exchange of views.我们推心置腹地交换意见。
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