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Take care
In the right instances, especially for personal emails, this works.
Lett says this is a no-no. "This is not a closing. It's a thank-you," she insists. I disagree. Forbes Leadership editor Fred Allen uses it regularly and I think it's an appropriate, warm thing to say. I use it too.
This rubs me the wrong way because I used to have a boss who ended every email this way. She was usually asking me to perform a task and it made her sign-off seem more like a stern order, with a forced note of appreciation1, than a genuine expression of gratitude2. But in the right context, it can be fine.
Thank you
More formal than "Thanks." I use this sometimes.
Thank you!
This doesn't have the same grating quality as "Thanks!" The added "you" softens3 it.
 这个不会像“Thanks”那么让人不悦!“You” 缓和了语气。
Many thanks
I use this a lot, when I genuinely appreciate the effort the recipient4 has undertaken.
Thanks so much
I also like this and use it, especially when someone -- a colleague, a source, someone with whom I have a business relationship -- has put time and effort into a task or email.
Thanks for your consideration.
A tad stilted5 with a note of servility, this can work in the business context, though it's almost asking for a rejection6. Steer7 clear of this when writing a note related to seeking employment.
I predict this will gain in popularity as our emails become more like texts.
Hope this helps
I like this in an email where you are trying to help the recipient.
Looking forward
I use this too. I think it's gracious and warm, and shows you are eager to meet with the recipient.
This works when you really are rushing. It expresses humility8 and regard for the recipient.
In haste
Also good when you don't have time to proofread9.


1 appreciation Pv9zs     
  • I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you all.我想对你们所有人表达我的感激和谢意。
  • I'll be sending them a donation in appreciation of their help.我将送给他们一笔捐款以感谢他们的帮助。
2 gratitude p6wyS     
  • I have expressed the depth of my gratitude to him.我向他表示了深切的谢意。
  • She could not help her tears of gratitude rolling down her face.她感激的泪珠禁不住沿着面颊流了下来。
3 softens 8f06d4fce5859f2737f5a09a715a2d27     
(使)变软( soften的第三人称单数 ); 缓解打击; 缓和; 安慰
  • Iron softens with heat. 铁受热就软化。
  • Moonlight softens our faults; all shabbiness dissolves into shadow. 月光淡化了我们的各种缺点,所有的卑微都化解为依稀朦胧的阴影。 来自名作英译部分
4 recipient QA8zF     
a.接受的,感受性强的 n.接受者,感受者,容器
  • Please check that you have a valid email certificate for each recipient. 请检查是否对每个接收者都有有效的电子邮件证书。
  • Colombia is the biggest U . S aid recipient in Latin America. 哥伦比亚是美国在拉丁美洲最大的援助对象。
5 stilted 5Gaz0     
  • All too soon the stilted conversation ran out.很快这种做作的交谈就结束了。
  • His delivery was stilted and occasionally stumbling.他的发言很生硬,有时还打结巴。
6 rejection FVpxp     
  • He decided not to approach her for fear of rejection.他因怕遭拒绝决定不再去找她。
  • The rejection plunged her into the dark depths of despair.遭到拒绝使她陷入了绝望的深渊。
7 steer 5u5w3     
  • If you push the car, I'll steer it.如果你来推车,我就来驾车。
  • It's no use trying to steer the boy into a course of action that suits you.想说服这孩子按你的方式行事是徒劳的。
8 humility 8d6zX     
  • Humility often gains more than pride.谦逊往往比骄傲收益更多。
  • His voice was still soft and filled with specious humility.他的声音还是那么温和,甚至有点谦卑。
9 proofread ekszrH     
  • I didn't even have the chance to proofread my own report.我甚至没有机会校对自己的报告。
  • Before handing in his application to his teacher,he proofread it again.交给老师之前,他又将申请书补正了一遍。
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