Nairobi one small step forward for Kyoto Protocol, WWF
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Birds fly above the village of Mont-sur-Rolle in the Lake Geneva region. Unchecked climate change could force up to 72 per cent of bird species in some areas into extinction1 but the world still has a chance to limit the losses, WWF said in a report on Tuesday.
Chinanews, Beijing, Nov. 21 - The Nairobi meeting ended with an agreement to take a small step forward to keep the world on track to start formal negotiations2 on the next round of cuts in CO2 emissions3 starting in 2007, says WWF.


Ministers at the UN climate talks edged the planet towards a safer, low carbon future. But they did not seize the opportunity to make the further decisions needed for deeper emission4 cuts beyond 2012. Governments recognized that global emissions need to be reduced 50 per cent by 2050, but at this pace the negotiations will not get us there.


“While progress was made in Nairobi, our leaders must recognise that scientific evidence and public opinion demands much stronger action than what was agreed,” says Hans Verolme, Director of WWF's Climate Change Programme.


It is reported that WWF welcomes the agreement in Nairobi on the adaptation fund, but the level of funding remains5 far below the amount required to meet the social and environmental problems faced by developing countries.


However, there is no timetable in place yet for reducing CO2 emissions beyond 2012, when the current Kyoto commitment period ends. We need an agreement in place to see these talks concluded by 2008 and to ensure a vibrant6 carbon market.


“We still have a long way to go and little time left to act - the devastating7 impact of climate change throughout the world cannot be ignored and rich countries need to lead in taking the next step,” adds Verolme. “But key developing countries, while presenting some forward-looking ideas that could advance the Kyoto process in the future, also need to engage in this.”


“Climate change is undermining years of fragile economic progress here in Africa and damaging nature on a massive scale. While there was forward momentum8 these talks clearly lacked in ambition relative to the challenge the planet faces.”



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