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here comes some money saving tips.

You have a nice salary, but you still feel short of money. At the end of each month, you often ask yourselves, "Where has all my money gone"? To help you better manage your salary, here comes some money saving tips. Following them your daily expense will be cut off easily, but still keep the quality of your life.

First, you need to set ambitious goals to encourage you to save money. For example, you plan to have a formal dress in one year, to own a car in two years' time or to buy an apartment in five years.

Second, form money saving habits while stay away from those that waste money. Learn to keep a diary of how much you spend and what it's for. Think twice before using money on expensive skin care products. The best ways to keep your skin in good condition is sufficient sleep.

Third, economize1 your daily expense. Change electric wares2 into energy efficient ones and leave no more than one light open when you leave home. Buy vegetables from a market not a supermarket where vegetables are less expensive and more fresh. When going to a supermarket, take a notebook with you. Write down what you wanna buy to avoid buying unnecessary stuffs. For things like shampoo, soap or washing powder, buy the family pack.

For girls, who always spend money on clothes, there are some rules helping3 cut off the expense. Keep an eye on discounts information, you're likely to buy good summer dress in winter in a reasonable price. Shopping malls issue membership cards periodically. Go and get one if it's free, it may give you special discounts.

Fifth, economize your social life. Package the leftovers4 for next day when you have dinner in a restaurant. When it's your turn to offer a meal, invite your friends to your home, cook the dinner yourself. If you are to attend a wedding ceremony and an expensive present is needed, ask several friends to go together to share a present. When separate from your boyfriend, send the gifts he sent you to your friends instead of throwing them away.

While reducing expenditures5, you need broaden your way earning money. Find yourself a part-time job if you are energetic enough, which gives you more working experience. Give birth to your money. If you are not good at making investments, talk to a financial consultant6 and entrust7 your savings8 with him.












plant-based foods  :植物类食物


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