Eritrea to pay Ethiopia millions 厄立特里亚赔偿埃塞俄比亚数
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An international tribunal in The Hague has ruled that Eritrea will have to pay Ethiopia millions of dollars in compensation for war damages.


Tens of thousands of troops remain <a href=entrenched1 along the border" width="226" border="0" src="/upimg/090819/4_064036_1.jpg" />
Tens of thousands of troops remain entrenched along the border

Both were ordered to pay each other damages for the 1998-2000 border war, but the verdict leaves Eritrea with $10m (£6m) more to pay.

The ruling covers compensation for businesses and goods lost and villages destroyed during the bitter conflict.

Eritrea has already said it accepts the ruling of the tribunal(法院,法庭).

The Claims Commission, set up at the end of the war, ruled on awards across a range of issues.

It gave a monetary2 value to the damage suffered by Ethiopians during a notorious incident when Eritrean jets dropped cluster bombs(集束炸弹) on a school in the town of Mekele.

It also awarded Eritreans living in Ethiopia, whose homes and properties were seized by the government.

Some claims - such as an Ethiopian demand for $1bn of environmental damage - were dismissed.

In total Ethiopia was awarded $174m, while Eritrea got $164m - a net payment to Ethiopia of just over $10m.

The chief legal adviser3 to Ethiopia, Don Pickard, said he did not think the amount reflected the level of damage suffered by Ethiopia during the war.

BBC Africa analyst4 Martin Plaut says the real tragedy is that the money, like the rest of the internationally supported peace process, will settle very little.

The border between the two countries is still in dispute and tens of thousands of troops remain entrenched(确立的,确定的) along the border, over its bleak5(萧瑟的,严寒的) mountains and deserts.


1 entrenched MtGzk8     
  • Television seems to be firmly entrenched as the number one medium for national advertising.电视看来要在全国广告媒介中牢固地占据头等位置。
  • If the enemy dares to attack us in these entrenched positions,we will make short work of them.如果敌人胆敢进攻我们固守的阵地,我们就消灭他们。
2 monetary pEkxb     
  • The monetary system of some countries used to be based on gold.过去有些国家的货币制度是金本位制的。
  • Education in the wilderness is not a matter of monetary means.荒凉地区的教育不是钱财问题。
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