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Frank: Thirty-two forgs. Pretty impressive, boys. You ever think about doing this on a regular basis?

Jake: Spec? Yeah!

Frank: You run your own ship. Take down these nests. Don't have to deal with me and the pink sheets anymore. You two riding around together, kicking ass1, taking names. I can talk to Corporate2, see if they'd bump up the commissions a bit.

Jake: What do you think, man? What do you think, buddy3?

Remy: Forget it. Actually, Frank, I've been meaning to talk to you about something. Something...

Jake: Yeah. Forget that. Find somebody else. Just get us our pink sheets.

Frank: Suit yourself.

Jake: Okay, look. Can I just ask you something?

Remy: Mmm-hmm.

Jake: What do you think keeps a world like this's shit together? It's not magic. It's not. It's rules. It's people abiding4 by the terms of the deals that they sign themselves. It's rules. You know what's more important than the rules, though? It's the enforcement of those rules. I mean, we got a responsibility, you and me. I mean, what we do, I mean, maybe it's small, I don't know, but it matters. It matters.

Remy: I'd actually work less hours.

Jake: You're sure about this?

Remy: A job's a job, right?

Jake: A job's a job. Just make sure that they give you hazard pay. You'll be sitting next to Frank, in some booth, telling some cancer-riddled prick5, "You owe it to your family. You owe it to yourself." There's a good chance you'll choke on your own vomit6. You should go finish that T-Bone job.

Remy: Yeah.

Jake: It'll be your last hurrah7. Get Carol a chance to blow off some steam at the same time.

Remy: You ready to go after the Patrick Morton's?

Jake: I was there this morning. He said to say hi.

Remy: You didn't do it?

Jake: I did it. He said to say hi before that.

Remy: Jake's right. And if this is going to be my last job, then they don't come much better than Jimmy T-Bone.

Music: Every day...Will be like a holiday...

Remy: I've been listening to his music since I was in high school. And the way I see it, at least he's gonna get his heart ripped out by someone who appreciates his music.

Music: When my baby comes home...

Remy: It's a nice house.

T-Bone: Thanks. Not really mine anymore. You from the IRS?

Remy: No.

T-Bone: Soul suckers, taking everything back.

Remy: Mmm. So am I.

T-Bone: Uh...Can I finish this song?

Remy: Yeah. Of course. I'm a bit of a fan, actually.

T-Bone: Yeah? Good. You can help me out.

Remy: I don't...I don't know. I wouldn't be much help.

T-Bone: It's not that complicated. A song is just a bunch of separate tracks, all working together. Just got to know when to break it down. You know, pull it out, one thing at a time.

Remy: Well, I can do that.

Music: And every day, oh, yeah...Will be like a holiday...Oh, yes, it will...When my baby...When my baby comes home

T-Bone: That's a motherfucking hit right there.

Remy: IRS will be thrilled.

T-Bone: Can you make sure my boy Terrance at Blue Note Records get this?

Remy: It's done. Now, I'm legally bound to ask if you would like an ambulance on standby, in order to take you to the hospital.

T-Bone: And, what, they gonna give me a new heart?

Remy: Christ, no, not with your credit history. I know, it's a chicken-and-egg thing. There's a complaints department.

T-Bone: Nah, man, nah. Let's just...Will I sit or stand?

Remy: Easier if you lie down.

T-Bone: What the fuck is that, man?

Remy: My defib unit. Jarvik stops pumping when you give it a jolt8 with electricity. Saves me from losing my finger.

T-Bone: Hold on, hold on. Is this... Is this going to hurt?

Remy: You won't feel a thing.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. on a regular basis: 定期地,经常地。

2. bump up: 增加;提高。例如:bump up the price of gasoline(抬高汽油的价格)

3. Suit yourself: 随你便。

4. abide9 by: 遵守,遵循。例如:She will abide by her promise.(她会遵守诺言的。)

5. enforcement: 实施,执行。

6. hazard pay: 危险津贴。

7. prick: <粗> 鸟人,笨蛋。

8. There's a good chance...: 很有可能……

9. last hurrah: 最后的努力(尤指政界人物的最后一次竞选活动)。影片中指的是雷米最后一次做器官回收员的工作。

10. blow off steam: 发脾气,出气,释放被压抑的情感。看一下例子:What they did gave him an opportunity to blow off steam.(他们所做的事给了他一个出气的机会。)

11. IRS: 国税局(Internal Revenue Service)。

12. thrilled: 非常兴奋;极为激动。

13. legally bound to: 在法律上有义务(做某事)。

14. chicken-and-egg thing: 因果难定的问题。

15. complaints department: 投诉部。

16. defib: 除颤。

17. You won't feel a thing: 你会一点感觉也没有。


1 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
2 corporate 7olzl     
  • This is our corporate responsibility.这是我们共同的责任。
  • His corporate's life will be as short as a rabbit's tail.他的公司的寿命是兔子尾巴长不了。
3 buddy 3xGz0E     
  • Calm down,buddy.What's the trouble?压压气,老兄。有什么麻烦吗?
  • Get out of my way,buddy!别挡道了,你这家伙!
4 abiding uzMzxC     
  • He had an abiding love of the English countryside.他永远热爱英国的乡村。
  • He has a genuine and abiding love of the craft.他对这门手艺有着真挚持久的热爱。
5 prick QQyxb     
  • He felt a sharp prick when he stepped on an upturned nail.当他踩在一个尖朝上的钉子上时,他感到剧烈的疼痛。
  • He burst the balloon with a prick of the pin.他用针一戳,气球就爆了。
6 vomit TL9zV     
  • They gave her salty water to make her vomit.他们给她喝盐水好让她吐出来。
  • She was stricken by pain and began to vomit.她感到一阵疼痛,开始呕吐起来。
7 hurrah Zcszx     
  • We hurrah when we see the soldiers go by.我们看到士兵经过时向他们欢呼。
  • The assistants raised a formidable hurrah.助手们发出了一片震天的欢呼声。
8 jolt ck1y2     
  • We were worried that one tiny jolt could worsen her injuries.我们担心稍微颠簸一下就可能会使她的伤势恶化。
  • They were working frantically in the fear that an aftershock would jolt the house again.他们拼命地干着,担心余震可能会使房子再次受到震动。
9 abide UfVyk     
  • You must abide by the results of your mistakes.你必须承担你的错误所造成的后果。
  • If you join the club,you have to abide by its rules.如果你参加俱乐部,你就得遵守它的规章。
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