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Though Anna could barely move, she lifted her head to see Kristoff coming toward her. But nearby, in the other direction, she suddenly caught sight of something else — something she could hardly believe. Was that her sister? Could Elsa also be out on the ice? Anna tried to focus.
Then she realized that Hans was standing1 over Elsa, who knelt on the ice, her face buried in her hands. Horrified2, Anna watched as Hans drew his sword and raised it over her sister's head. He was taking his time, almost smiling with anticipation3 .
Anna knew that kissing Kristoff was her last hope for survival, but she couldn't bear to see Elsa in danger. With great difficulty, she turned away from Kristoff and moved toward her sister.
"Elsa!" she cried. With a final surge of energy, Anna lunged, using every remaining ounce of her strength. She threw herself in front of Elsa to block Hans's blow. "NO!" she shouted.
In that instant, Anna's entire body froze, turning into solid ice. Hans's sword came down at full strength on her body. The sword shattered ! Hans reacted in angry astonishment4 as jagged pieces of steel fell into the snow.
At the sound of the sword, Elsa turned... and saw Anna's frozen body, one arm raised to shield her sister.
"Anna!" Elsa cried. She jumped up and threw her arms around her unseeing sister. "Oh, Anna," she said, weeping. "No, please, no!" Elsa sobbed5, hugging the frozen figure.
Behind her, Hans was fuming6. He quickly picked up his broken sword and started to swing it at Elsa, but Kristoff ran at him just in time. He hit Hans right on the jaw7 and knocked him down. There would be no second blows for Hans.
Olaf ventured forward, looking up at the sisters. He was shocked to see Anna so still, without movement or life. "Anna?" he asked sadly. He stepped back as Elsa hugged her sister and cried.
Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf all bowed their heads.
So did the dignitaries and citizens of Arendelle, watching from the shore. A somber8 silence fell over the kingdom.
Suddenly, as Elsa hugged her sister, drops of water began to form at the tips of Anna's fingers. Then her arm began to bend. Anna was beginning to thaw9!
"Anna!" Elsa exclaimed.
"Elsa... ," Anna murmured. She opened her eyes and smiled lovingly at her sister. Elsa laughed with joy.
"You sacrificed yourself for me?" Elsa asked in wonder.
Still weak, Anna replied simply, "I love you."
Olaf gasped10. "An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart," he said. Anna's sacrifice had saved her own life!
Elsa found herself turning Olaf's words over in her mind as she slowly realized their full meaning. "Love will thaw... Love. Of course!" she said. She hugged Anna again and laughed.
"Of course what?" Olaf asked. Elsa took a step back and raised her hands above her head, and the snow drifted back up to the sky! Next, the ground began to shake and move. The ice and snow began to melt. The fjord waters thawed11 and a boat rose, lifting Elsa and the others onto its deck. Soon all the boats in the fjord were returned to their upright positions. Elsa waved her arms one more time and revealed a sunny sky! The warmth of a summer's day spread across the kingdom in one joyous12 moment.
All of Arendelle cheered!
"Hands down, this is the best day of my life!" Olaf exclaimed. But the snowman was again starting to melt. "And," he added, "quite possibly the last."
Elsa looked over at the dripping, sagging13 snowman. "Oh, Olaf," she said kindly14. "Hang on, little guy." She waved a hand over Olaf and surrounded him with a swirl15 of cold air. Olaf quickly refroze and looked like himself again. Best of all, he now had a permanent little snow cloud above his head, to keep him from melting ever again.
"Ha!" he exclaimed. "How are we doing this?" Hans climbed to his feet, still dazed from Kristoff's punch, and turned to Anna. "B-but she froze your heart," he stammered16. He thought Anna had frozen to death back in the library.
"The only frozen heart around here is yours," Anna replied fiercely. Then, with all her might, she punched him in the face. Hans fell backward into the water.
Anna grinned. She was feeling warmer already. She caught sight of Kristoff and grinned. Then she hugged Elsa again. The sisters held each other tight. Neither one wanted to let go.


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  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
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哭泣,啜泣( sob的过去式和过去分词 ); 哭诉,呜咽地说
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16 stammered 76088bc9384c91d5745fd550a9d81721     
v.结巴地说出( stammer的过去式和过去分词 )
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