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In the first full-length film from Skydance Animation1, Tony Award-nominee Eva Noblezada provides the voice of Sam, "the unluckiest person in the world". Having grown up in the care system, she hopes to nab some extra good luck for a fellow foster child, and finds her way to a realm where magical creatures – including a black cat voiced by Simon Pegg and a dragon voiced by Jane Fonda – manipulate the human race's fortunes. It may sound faintly sinister2, but the director, Peggy Holmes, promises that Luck is full of "positivity and inspiration". Talking to Jackson Murphy at Animation Now, she says, "We've all been through a really hard time together in the world. People really want to sit back, relax, and really be inspired to just keep going. When those bad luck days come, just keep going because there are some good luck ones coming, too."
在Skydance动画公司制作的第一部长片《祝你好运》中,曾获托尼奖提名的伊娃·诺布勒札达将为“全世界最倒霉的人”山姆配音。山姆从小在寄养家庭长大,她希望能为一个同为寄养儿童的伙伴搞到一些好运气,于是她就找到了能够操纵人类运气的神奇生物,其中包括一只由西蒙·佩吉配音的黑猫和一条由简·方达配音的龙。这也许听上去有点邪恶,但是导演佩吉·霍姆斯承诺这部电影充满了“正能量和启迪”。在与《Animation Now》杂志的杰克逊·墨菲交谈时她讲道:“我们共同经历了这个世界很艰难的一段时光。人们真的很想坐下来放松一下,在大受鼓舞之后继续往前走。当厄运降临时,要坚持下去,因为好运总有一天也会到来。”
Released on 5 August on Apple TV+ worldwide
该片将于8月5日在Apple TV+平台全球同步上线。
Mack & Rita《麦克和丽塔》
From Freaky Friday to Big, 13 Going on 30 to 17 Again, lots of comedies have imagined young minds zapping into older bodies, and vice3 versa. But the new film from Katie Aselton (The Freebie, Black Rock) puts a fresh spin on the formula, by ageing up, rather than using teens and adults. Mack & Rita features a 30-year-old author (Elizabeth Lail) who has always felt that she was a 70-year-old woman on the inside. After going to a new-age workshop in Palm Springs, she is magically transformed into a 70-year-old woman on the outside, too. In her new identity (Diane Keaton), she is a happy, relaxed "glammy granny" social-media influencer, but can that make up for losing 40 years of her life?
从《疯狂星期五》到《长大》,从《女孩梦三十》到《重返17岁》,很多喜剧片都将小孩变成大人,或将大人变成小孩。但是凯蒂·阿赛尔顿(代表作有《免费赠品》和《黑岩》)导演的这部新片给这一配方加了点新料,让成年人变老,而不是让少年与成年人角色互换。 在新片《麦克和丽塔》中,伊丽莎白·莱尔饰演的30岁作家总是觉得自己内心是个70岁的老太太。从棕榈泉的一家“新年龄”工作室出来后,她神奇地变成了一个70岁老妇的模样。用这一新身份生活的她成了一个快乐、自在的社交媒体网红,人称“魅力奶奶”(黛安·基顿饰演),但是这能够弥补她失去的40年时光吗?
Released on 12 August in the US, Canada and Spain
Bullet Train《杀手疾风号》
David Leitch was Brad Pitt's stunt4 double on Troy, Fight Club and Mr and Mrs Smith, and has since become the director of such ridiculously-fun action movies as Hobbs & Shaw, Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2. And now the two old buddies5 have teamed up for Leitch's latest shooting-and-punching-fest: Bullet Train. Pitt plays an assassin who is sent by his handler (Sandra Bullock) to grab a briefcase6 from one of the passengers on a Japanese train, but little does he know that the train is full of other shady characters (Brian Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Zazie Beetz, Michael Shannon).
Released on 3 August in the UK and 5 August in the US
Three Thousand Years of Longing7《三千年的思念》
Seven years on from Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller8 is back at last with another film – a romantic fantasy, and the contrast could hardly be greater. This time we have a demure9 English academic (Tilda Swinton) at a literature conference in Istanbul. A djinn (Idris Elba) materialises in her hotel room and offers her three wishes, but the academic has read enough myths to know that wishes tend to backfire, so the djinn tries to charm her with fabulous10 tales from his past.
Released on 31 August in the US and Canada
I Came By《我曾来过》
Playing a rather different character from the ones he's known for in Downton Abbey and Paddington, Hugh Bonneville co-stars in I Came By as a snooty high-court judge named Sir Hector Blake. Starring alongside him is George MacKay, who plays a Banksy-like graffiti artist whose speciality is to sneak11 into the homes of Britain's wealthiest aristocrats12 and do some unauthorised redecorating. But when he is in Sir Hector's London town house, he uncovers a dark secret that puts his life in danger. Directed and co-written by the Bafta-winning Babak Anvari, this Netflix crime thriller13 promises "classic Hitchcockian suspense14 via contemporary themes of establishment privilege and corruption15".
Released on 19 August in cinemas in the UK and Ireland, and 31 August on Netflix internationally


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