日期:2020-05-13 In a faraway land, there was a rooster who lived with his master and the wife. Every early morning, the rooster would make a very loud sound. This shocked his master and the wife so much that they jumped up from their sleep. One day, the rooster hea... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-05-13 In a small town in England, there lived a poor little girl. Her friend invited her to come to her birthday party. She was so excited. But her right shoe was spoilt. She needed to get it mended quickly. So, she went to see a cobbler in her little tow... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-05-13 Devan was a clever thief. He robbed the rich and gave all to the sick and the needy. The other thieves were jealous of him. They planned to get rid of him. They challenged to steal the Kings Pyjamas. Deven accepted the challenge. After that he prepa... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-05-11 Once upon a time in a fairy tale land a cat and a dog were friends. One night, the cat invited the dog for a party at his house. The cat played th e fiddle (演奏小提琴). The dog happily clapped his hands. Suddenly, they saw a cow flying in the sky... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-26 从前在森林里有一只狮子一顿报餐正在睡着休息被一只小老鼠扰了清净,抓到这只小老鼠后狮子起了怜悯之心放了它。后来狮子被猎人给网住了,小老鼠赶来后咬断网,狮子得以逃跑。后来老鼠和狮子成为了好朋友。 Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. One day af... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-22 从前有个蛇因年老很虚弱,很多天没吃东西了。他看到青蛙王子和朋友时一动不动,勾起了青蛙王子的好奇心,他告诉青蛙王子自己被诅咒只能一辈子驮着青蛙。青蛙王子很高兴,真的踩在蛇背上去见青蛙国王和王后。王子嫌弃蛇太慢了 Once a snake who had grown weak with old... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-16 One day, some animals were talking about which animal was the best. The pig said, Pigs are the greatest because we have many babies. I have twelve healthy little pigs. She asked the rabbit, How many babies do you have? The rabbit felt embarrassed([... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-14 从前有一只猫头鹰和天鹅是朋友。天鹅是天鹅群的大王,而猫头鹰只是一只普普通通的猫头鹰 Once there were two friends Kanakaksha the owl and Sumitra the swan. Sumitra was the king of the swans. But Kanakaksha was an ordinary owl. He was afraid to let Sumit... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-14 有一棵橡树总认为他比芦苇要强壮得多 The Oak tree always thought that he was far stronger than the reeds. He said to himself I stand upright in storm. I dont bend my head in fear every time the wind blows. But these reeds are really so weak. That very... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-14 从前有个商人要到别的地方去做生意,把铁秤交给他的放贷者朋友保管。等他生意好转回来要秤的时候,那个朋友说秤被老鼠吃了。商人说要到河边去洗澡,让朋友的儿子帮忙看衣服。后来商人告诉朋友:他的儿子被老鹰叼走了。 In a small town, there lived a merchant. He ra... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-13 从前在一个小村庄里有一个男子特别懒,虽然很有学识,但是整日无所事事。靠乞讨为生,有一天他要到了很多东西,回到家吃完午饭后就把面粉放进一个坛子里开始想象着:要把面粉放到饥荒发生时,他能买一个好价钱,然后就能买两只羊,很快就能有一群羊 Once, in a small v... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-13 在一个小镇里有一个名叫Manibhadra的上染,他和妻子都很大方和商量。镇上的每个人都知道他们,经常到他们家去接受款待。 In a small town there lived a merchant named Manibhadra. He and his wife were very generous and kind. Everyone in the town knew them and... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-13 有一头狮子太老了不能自己不猎物,一天碰到一个山洞,狮子偷偷的藏了进去。豺狼回来后发觉洞里过于安静了,于是他向山洞喊道说:每次我回来你都会跟我问好!结果 In a forest there lived a lion. He had grown old and could not run fast anymore. As days went by it... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-09 There once lived a lion, the king of the forest. He was always accompanied by a jackal and a crow. They followed him every where and lived on the remains of his food. In a village close to the forest there lived a woodcutter. Everyday, he would go i... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-03 Long ago, in Japan, there was a boy who was training to be a monk. He lived in the small temple at the end of the village. Every morning, at quarter to four, he woke up to the sound of a bell rung by the old priest. His first task of the day was to... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-03 Once upon a time there lived a cat of marvellous beauty, with a skin as soft and shining as silk, and wise green eyes, that could see even in the dark. His name was Gon, and he belonged to a music teacher, who was so fond and proud of him that he wo... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-02 从前在森林里有只狮子很强大,他总是杀死经过身边的动物仅仅是为了取乐。后来动物们商量每天供给狮子一只动物,让他停止残杀。有一天轮到一只聪明的兔子,他看到一口很深的井,想了一个好办法 Once in a forest there lived a lion who was very proud of his strength.... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-04-02 从前在森林里有只豺狼他太懒了,总是追逐比他小的豺狼吃掉他们的猎物,最终其他豺狼想了一个办法,他好几天都没吃到东西只好去别的地方。他到了一个森林里,被咚咚咚的声音吓坏了,后来鼓起勇气看了看,原来是一个破旧的战鼓。他终于美美的吃了一顿大餐。 Once in a for... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-03-31 On a lily pad in the little stream that flowed at the bottom of the meadow, there lived an old Frog. He was a big frog and he was very proud of his size. All the other frogs were in awe of him and treated him with the greatest respect. So did all th... 阅读全文>>

日期:2020-03-31 冬天太冷了,万物藏冬,乌鸦好不容易找到一块奶酪,却因为狐狸恭维的语言而失去了 The winter had been especially cold. The snow lay thick and heavy on the ground. The squirrels, the badgers and the hedgehogs had vanished into their snug winter homes to s... 阅读全文>>

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