The Frog and the Cow 蛙和奶牛
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Baby frogs went on a picnic in the woods. Getting out of the pond for the first time, they sang merrily.
Then, they found a cow grazing in a field. "Oh, my! What is that?" "It is huge!" All of them wondered what kind of animal it was. "Let's ask Daddy."
They returned home in a hurry and shouted, "Daddy, we saw a strange animal." "What kind of animal was it?"
"It had large horns on its head and its body was way bigger than you. Even if we all add up our power, we can not defeat that animal."
The father was curious what the animal looked like. "Really? Was it bigger than my stomach?" "Yes. Much bigger than that!"
The father frog blew up his stomach largely, "Well, now, I'm as big as the animal, right?" "No, you are as big as the animal's heel." The father puffed himself up deeply and blew up his stomach enormously.
"How about now? Am I as big as the animal, huh?" "No, not even." Thinking he could not be outdone, the father frog puffed up his stomach even more.
The father frog's stomach was blown up as big as he could get. Right at that very moment, the father frog's stomach burst with a bang.

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