The Bremen Music Band 不莱梅乐队
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There was once an old horse that became so useless that his owner decided to sell him. When the horse found out he decided to run away to Bremen. The horse wanted to join the Bremen band. On his way the horse met an old dog. The horse asked the dog, "Looking at you, I'm sure your owner threw you out too. Why don't you go with me to join the Bremen band." "That's a good idea."
They left together for Bremen. One their way they met a cat and a hen. They all left together to go to Bremen. Just when the sun was about to go down they found a house in the forest. "There is a house over there. Let's go over there."
They looked inside the house. It was a house full of thieves. The four animals decided to throw out the thieves. For a long time they discussed and finally thought of a good idea. If the horse stood on his hind legs, the dog will climb on next then the cat will go on, and finally the hen will stand on the very top. And then each of them will yell from the top of their lung. "Neigh, neigh" "Bark, bark" "Meow, meow" "Cock a doodle doo"
At the same time, they crashed through the window and went inside. Already, the thieves were frightened by the terrible voice that they ran away into the forest. The animals ate the food that was set up on the table. "Let's go to sleep." When the thieves, who were crouched and hiding far away, couldn't hear anything. "Go over there and check it out!"
One thief went inside to light a candle. In the dark, he saw the cat's glowing eyes and yelled. The thief was startled and just as he was about to run out the back door, the dog bit his leg. And the horse with his hind legs kicked him hard. In this commotion, the hen who woke up startled, started yelling, "cock a doodle doo" loudly.
一个强盗走进屋里,想要点燃蜡烛。在黑暗中,他看到猫发光的眼睛,吓得他大声叫喊。强盗被吓坏了,正打算从后门跑出去的时候,狗咬了他的腿。驴子用后腿狠狠地踢他。这时,母鸡被惊醒了,母鸡也开始大声叫喊:“cock a doodle doo。”
The thief went and told the leader. "There is a scary witch in the house." From that day on the thieves didn't even go near that house. The Bremen band lived there forever.

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