Benjamin Franklin
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Franklin's life is full of charming stories which all young men should know -- how he sold books in Boston, and became the guest of kings in Europe; how he was made Major General Franklin, only to quit because, as he said, he was no soldier, and yet helped to organize the army that stood before the trained troops of England and Germany.
This poor Boston boy, without a day's schooling1, became master of six languages and never stopped studying; this neglected apprentice2 conquered the lightning, made his name famous, received degrees and diplomas from many colleges, and became forever remembered as "Doctor Franklin", philosopher, scientist and political leader.
Self-made, self-taught, the candle maker's son gave light to all the world; the street bookseller set all men singing of liberty; the apprentice became the most sought after man across the world, and brought his native land to praise and honor him.
He built America, for what our nation is today is largely due to the management, the forethought, the wisdom, and the ability of Benjamin Franklin. He belongs to the world, but especially he belongs to America. The people around the world honored him while he was living; he is still regarded as the loftiest man by the common people today after his death. And he will live in people's hearts forever.


1 schooling AjAzM6     
  • A child's access to schooling varies greatly from area to area.孩子获得学校教育的机会因地区不同而大相径庭。
  • Backward children need a special kind of schooling.天赋差的孩子需要特殊的教育。
2 apprentice 0vFzq     
  • My son is an apprentice in a furniture maker's workshop.我的儿子在一家家具厂做学徒。
  • The apprentice is not yet out of his time.这徒工还没有出徒。
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