Landscape with Figures Partially Erased
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Landscape with Figures Partially1 Erased2
D. A. Powell

First, it's just the faces disappearing.
Because, deflected3(偏离的) , as the faces long have been,
with their hunched4(缩成一团的) trunks(中继线,运动短裤)
and mercilessly(残忍地) twisted necks,
they can only be regarded from a ground's-eye view.

The bellwort tips its fallow head down
in the hot tomato field. The green snake rests
beneath the green leaves, and the air is toast brown.
Diesel5(柴油机) tractors grind to the road and idle there,
their heads bowed, too, like giant wooden horses
meant to sack an unsuspecting city.
Down come the earthen walls.

My father used to pour libations(饮酒) onto the ground
from the gas pump's nozzle (喷嘴) and I'd swirl6
its iridescence7, respire it into my lung's core,
so woozy, so sick, and awed8 by the vapors9.
Fire beguiled10 me, too. As did the concept of force.

Whole villages burned in a single spritz.
Even now the past gets altered. We forget
because our friends won't suffer that subject again.
Because the students tap their pens uncomfortably,
look around to see if anyone else is taken in.
That's when we figure it's best to make a joke.

I've wandered, now, from the corrugated11 sheds,
with people half in and half out of nuclear range.
My retention12(保留,扣留) of facts is not a silo.
Even if it were, some disrepair gets fallen into.
I like to think we dismantle13 thought
as much as tortuous14(扭曲的,弯曲的) thought dismantles15 us.

I have seen sharp men lose limbs. Women too.
A hand pulled off, conveyed into the hopper(漏斗) .
But these were country matters.
Like frilled silhouettes16(轮廓,影子) of flowering wild carrot,
white against the mackerel white sky,
the texture17 is imperishable(不朽的) , the details

so far off. These bodies: their contours
uncertain. Just a general cast to the light.


1 partially yL7xm     
  • The door was partially concealed by the drapes.门有一部分被门帘遮住了。
  • The police managed to restore calm and the curfew was partially lifted.警方设法恢复了平静,宵禁部分解除。
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v.擦掉( erase的过去式和过去分词 );抹去;清除
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11 corrugated 9720623d9668b6525e9b06a2e68734c3     
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13 dismantle Vtlxa     
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16 silhouettes e3d4f0ee2c7cf3fb8b75936f6de19cdb     
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