The Next Apartment
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The Next Apartment
D. Nurkse

I lived beside the lovers on that linden-shaded industrial block
between Linwood and Crescent. How they argued! Once
he pounded his head against the lintel(门楣) in a rain of plaster.
Once I watched her walk into the rain carrying her Lhasa Apso,
step into a cab, and give the finger to their lit window.

They fought with themselves when the other was gone,
struggling so hard with each word: I, you, tomorrow.
Since they loved each other forever, seconds were lethal1,
split-seconds tormented2(折磨,使痛苦) them like the strange bluebottle flies
that zoomed3 from buried drums under Ebbets Field.

How they reconciled(和解) , bearing each other elaborate gifts:
silk orchid4, glass horse, a necklace that flickered5(闪烁,闪光) like flame.
They paced on the landing, practicing complex apologies
that turned seamlessly to justifications—how helpless
they were against being right! When they saw me

in the stairwell, they were relieved:
someone sane6, a human, someone who will die.
And they explained: Sorry about yesterday, sorry
about tomorrow ... They had a ferocious7 need for me
to remember them since they were going
alone into time itself. I wanted to ask them,
Do you think we can create a void in a supercollider
and destroy not just the world but the night sky?

But I had no inkling what the self is,
or loneliness, or marriage, or the universe
sealed in zeroes like honey in a comb.
So instead we talked about the Mets, Gooden's arm
going stale, Strawberry losing that amazing insight
that can pick up the seams on a rotating curveball.

And they turned the key in their lock: male, female,
it made no difference, they were the same person,
and entered their tiny room, and I entered sleep.


1 lethal D3LyB     
  • A hammer can be a lethal weapon.铁锤可以是致命的武器。
  • She took a lethal amount of poison and died.她服了致命剂量的毒药死了。
2 tormented b017cc8a8957c07bc6b20230800888d0     
  • The knowledge of his guilt tormented him. 知道了自己的罪责使他非常痛苦。
  • He had lain awake all night, tormented by jealousy. 他彻夜未眠,深受嫉妒的折磨。
3 zoomed 7d2196a2c3b9cad9d8899e8add247521     
v.(飞机、汽车等)急速移动( zoom的过去式 );(价格、费用等)急升,猛涨
  • Traffic zoomed past us. 车辆从我们身边疾驰而过。
  • Cars zoomed helter-skelter, honking belligerently. 大街上来往车辆穿梭不停,喇叭声刺耳。 来自《简明英汉词典》
4 orchid b02yP     
  • The orchid is a class of plant which I have never tried to grow.兰花这类植物我从来没种过。
  • There are over 35 000 species of orchid distributed throughout the world.有35,000多种兰花分布在世界各地。
5 flickered 93ec527d68268e88777d6ca26683cc82     
(通常指灯光)闪烁,摇曳( flicker的过去式和过去分词 )
  • The lights flickered and went out. 灯光闪了闪就熄了。
  • These lights flickered continuously like traffic lights which have gone mad. 这些灯象发狂的交通灯一样不停地闪动着。
6 sane 9YZxB     
  • He was sane at the time of the murder.在凶杀案发生时他的神志是清醒的。
  • He is a very sane person.他是一个很有头脑的人。
7 ferocious ZkNxc     
  • The ferocious winds seemed about to tear the ship to pieces.狂风仿佛要把船撕成碎片似的。
  • The ferocious panther is chasing a rabbit.那只凶猛的豹子正追赶一只兔子。
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