A Hare at Aldergrove
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A Hare at Aldergrove

Paul Muldoon

A hare standing1 up at last on his own two feet
in the blasted(枯萎的,被害的) grass by the runway may trace his lineage(血统,家系) to the great
assembly of hares that, in the face of what might well have looked like defeat,
would, in 1963 or so, migrate
here from the abandoned airfield3 at Nutt's Corner, not long after Marilyn Monroe
overflowed4 from her body stocking
in Something's Got to Give. These hares have themselves so long been given to row
against the flood that when a King
of the Hares has tried to ban bare knuckle5(关节,指节) fighting, so wont6
are they to grumble7(抱怨) and gripe(牢骚)
about what will be acceptable and what won't
they've barely noticed that the time is ripe
for them to shake off the din2
of a pack of hounds that has caught their scent8
and take in that enormity(暴行,极恶) just as I've taken in
how my own DNA9 is 87% European and East Asian 13%.
So accustomed had they now grown
to a low-level human hum that, despite the almost weekly atrocity10(凶恶,残暴)
in which they'd lost one of their own
to a wheeled blade, they followed the herd11 towards this eternal city
as if they'd had a collective change of heart.
My own heart swells12 now as I watch him nibble13 on a shoot
of blaeberry(覆盆子) or heather(石南花) while smoothing out a chart
by which he might divine if our Newark-bound 757 will one day overshoot
the runway about which there so often swirled14
rumors15 of Messerschmitts.
Clapper-lugged, cleft-lipped, he looks for all the world
as if he might never again put up his mitts16
despite the fact that he shares a Y chromosome17(染色体)
with Niall of the Nine Hostages,
never again allow his om
to widen and deepen by such easy stages,
never relaunch his campaign as melanoma(黑素瘤) has relaunched its campaign
in a friend I once dated,
her pain rising above the collective pain
with which we've been inundated18(淹没)
as this one or that has launched an attack
to the slogan of "Brits Out" or "Not an Inch"
or a dull ack-ack
starting up in the vicinity of Ballynahinch,
looking for all the world as if he might never again get into a fluster19(慌乱,混乱)
over his own entrails,
never again meet luster20 with luster
in the eye of my dying friend, never establish what truly ails21
another woman with a flesh wound
found limping where a hare has only just been shot, never again bewitch(迷惑,蛊惑)
the milk in the churn, never swoon as we swooned
when Marilyn's white halter-top dress blew up in The Seven Year Itch22,
in a flap now only as to whether
we should continue to tough it out till
something better comes along or settle for this salad of blaeberry and heather
and a hint of common tormentil(直立委陵菜) .


1 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
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12 swells e5cc2e057ee1aff52e79fb6af45c685d     
增强( swell的第三人称单数 ); 肿胀; (使)凸出; 充满(激情)
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14 swirled eb40fca2632f9acaecc78417fd6adc53     
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15 rumors 2170bcd55c0e3844ecb4ef13fef29b01     
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16 mitts 88a665bb2c9249e1f9605c84e327d7ea     
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