Sleekit Cowrin'
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Sleekit Cowrin'

by Sharon Olds

When a caught mouse lay dead, for a week,
and stuck to the floor, I started setting
the traps on a few of my ex's and my old
floral(花的,植物的) salad plates. Late
one night, when I see one has sprung, I put it on the
porch(门廊,走廊) , to take it to the woods in the morning, but by
morning I forget, and by noon—and by after-
noon the Blue Willow's like a charnal roof
in Persia where the bodies of the dead were put for the
scholar vultures(秃鹰) to pick the text
of matter and the text of spirit apart.
The mouse has become a furry1 barrow(搬运架,古坟)
burrowed into by a beetle2 striped
in stripes of hot and stripes of cold
coal—head-first, it eats its way in
to the heart sweeter than dirt, to the mouse-bowels
saltier, beeswax and soap
stopped in the small intestinal3(肠的) channels.
And bugs4 little as seeds are seething(浸透,煮沸)
all over the hair, as if the rodent(啮齿类的)
were food rejoicing. And the Nicrophorous
cuts and thrusts, it rocks and rolls
its tomentose(被绒毛的) muzzle5(枪口,动物的口鼻) , and its wide shoulders,
in. And I know, I know, I should put
my dead marriage out on the porch
in the sun, and let who can, come
and nourish of it—change it, carry it
back to what it was assembled from,
back to the source of the light whereby it shone.


1 furry Rssz2D     
  • This furry material will make a warm coat for the winter.这件毛皮料在冬天会是一件保暖的大衣。
  • Mugsy is a big furry brown dog,who wiggles when she is happy.马格斯是一只棕色大长毛狗,当她高兴得时候她会摇尾巴。
2 beetle QudzV     
  • A firefly is a type of beetle.萤火虫是一种甲虫。
  • He saw a shiny green beetle on a leaf.我看见树叶上有一只闪闪发光的绿色甲虫。
3 intestinal DbHzX     
  • A few other conditions are in high intestinal obstruction. 其它少数情况是高位肠梗阻。 来自辞典例句
  • This complication has occasionally occurred following the use of intestinal antiseptics. 这种并发症偶而发生在使用肠道抗菌剂上。 来自辞典例句
4 bugs e3255bae220613022d67e26d2e4fa689     
adj.疯狂的,发疯的n.窃听器( bug的名词复数 );病菌;虫子;[计算机](制作软件程序所产生的意料不到的)错误
  • All programs have bugs and need endless refinement. 所有的程序都有漏洞,都需要不断改进。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The sacks of rice were swarming with bugs. 一袋袋的米里长满了虫子。 来自《简明英汉词典》
5 muzzle i11yN     
  • He placed the muzzle of the pistol between his teeth.他把手枪的枪口放在牙齿中间。
  • The President wanted to muzzle the press.总统企图遏制新闻自由。
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