Yao Ming hurts knee in Rockets loss to Clips
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Houston Rockets' Yao Ming (11), of China, reacts as eam physician Dr. Mark Adickes, right, and trainer Keith Jones, left, attend to him during the first quarter of their NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Clippers Saturday, Dec. 23, 2006, in Houston. Yao had to leave the game with a bruised1 right knee.
Dec. 14 - Tim Thomas scored 21 points and the Los Angeles Clippers snapped a six-game losing streak2 Saturday night with a 98-93 victory over the Houston Rockets, who lost Yao Ming to a knee injury.


Chris Kaman had 15 points and 11 rebounds3, Cuttino Mobley scored 18 and Elton Brand had 16 points, seven rebounds and four assists for the Clippers, who finally took control in the fourth quarter after Yao went down six minutes into the game.


The Rockets led 14-12 when Yao went down clutching his right knee and screaming in pain. Yao was leaping for a blocked shot as Chuck Hayes and Thomas hit the floor beneath him. Yao's knee appeared to get caught under Thomas' body and Yao immediately grabbed his knee.


Trainer Keith Jones and Bonzi Wells helped Yao limp off the floor and Yao was taken to a hospital for an MRI test. His status beyond Saturday's game was uncertain.


The Rockets were already playing without six-time All-Star Tracy McGrady, who sat out for the seventh straight game with back spasms4.


Yao's injury was an ominous5 flashback to last season, when Yao and McGrady missed a total of 60 games with injuries and Houston finished 34-48.


Shane Battier scored a season-high 28 points and grabbed six rebounds to lead the Rockets, who've lost two in a row at home after winning eight of their first nine.


Yao is off to the best start of his career, averaging 27 points and nine rebounds. He had topped 30 points in four consecutive6 games before scoring 22 in Friday's 97-78 win at San Antonio.


Houston survived for more than two quarters without him, turning to its perimeter7 shooting and league-leading scoring defense8 to keep the lead. The Rockets led 48-39 at the break after going 6-for-9 from 3-point range and holding the Clippers to 35 percent shooting.


Battier made three 3-pointers in the first half and had 20 points at halftime, two more than his previous season high. Dikembe Mutombo, Yao's backup, had two points, eight rebounds and four blocks in the opening half.


Battier started the second half with a left-handed hook to match the Rockets' biggest lead. But the 7-foot Kaman scored twice over Mutombo to start a 14-3 Clippers spurt9.


Luther Head hit a 3-pointer to put the Rockets up 53-45, but Thomas and Mobley sank back-to-back 3-pointers and Mobley made a turnaround jumper to tie the game.


The Rockets were lucky to trail only 69-67 heading to the fourth quarter. They went 7-for-21 from the field and were outrebounded 11-6 in the third.


Close-range baskets by Shaun Livingston and Corey Maggette snapped a 71-all tie and the Clippers inched away as the Rockets looked increasingly inept10 on both ends without Yao to bail11 them out.


Mobley beat Head to a loose ball and ran for a breakaway dunk with 4:40 left to put the Clippers up 87-79. Livingston followed with a deep jumper and Brand drove for a dunk that gave the Clippers a 91-79 lead.


Rafer Alston scored on two drives in the final 1:11 to draw the Rockets within four, but Daniel Ewing sank three free throws in the last 25 seconds to secure the victory.



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