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The Nigerian military has exhumed1 seven fresh corpses2 from shallow graves near the city of Jos, in the latest apparent revenge killing3.


There are almost daily reports of new attacks
There are almost daily reports of new attacks

There are almost daily reports of attacks on people in rural villages and of disappearances4(消失,失踪) in Jos itself.

The bodies of two local farmers were discovered earlier this week - three other people are still missing.

Clashes between rival communities - Hausa Muslims and Berom Christians6 - have left hundreds dead this year.

The BBC's Caroline Duffield in Lagos says tensions were high in Plateau State at the weekend - because a Christian5 pastor7(牧师) and his wife were abducted8 and murdered in the next door state, Bauchi.

On Monday, aid workers found the mutilated bodies of an elderly man and a woman, Berom farmers close to Rim9 village, south of Jos.

They had machete(大砍刀,弯刀) wounds and acid burns.

Aid workers photographed a trail of blood - they believe it is that of three more missing villagers.

Now the military has unearthed10 the remains11 of seven people from shallow graves close to the village of Rahoss.

Our reporter says they are thought to be Hausa Muslim travellers hacked12 to death in a machete attack.

The killings13 are not thought to be directly linked but part of the hostility14 between local farmers and Hausa Fulani herdsman.

Farmers experience regular attacks and low-level raids and killings from Fulani herdsmen in remote areas.

Outside the city, the violence is about a struggle for farmland, and grazing rights, our reporter says.

But in Jos itself, the friction15(摩擦) is deeply political, she says.

Violence is often sparked by settlements spilling into(涌进) new land - or by tension in local government.


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