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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has appealed to frustrated1 Haitians to be patient over efforts to bring them relief from last Tuesday's earthquake.


Aid workers say relief efforts救灾工作 are being slowed by bottlenecks瓶颈, but food and water are finally reaching some parts of the capital Port-au-Prince.

Survivors3 of the earthquake have become desperate as they wait for aid.

Many are trying to leave the city, and there are security concerns amid reports of looting抢劫.

Lt Gen Ken4 Keen of the US Southern Command said that while streets were largely calm there had been an increase in violence.

The AFP法新社 news agency quoted one of its photographers as saying police had opened fire on looters in a Port-au-Prince market, killing5 at least one of them.

Feeding 'challenge'

Mr Ban spoke6 in Port-au-Prince after visiting the ruins of the UN mission, where several senior UN staff were killed. Among the dead were the special representative and his deputy代理人,代表. Hundreds of staff are still missing.

However, one Danish UN worker was pulled alive from the rubble7 of the building on Sunday afternoon. Four other people were rescued in Port-au-Prince during the day.

"I appeal to the Haitian people to be more patient," Mr Ban said, after seeing hungry and homeless people vent8发泄感情,放出 their frustration9 outside.

He added that he knew people were angry, but said deliveries of aid were now being made in a more efficient and coordinated10 manner.

He said providing daily food to two million people, as the UN has pledged, would be a "huge challenge".

The UN has launched an appeal for $562m (£346m) intended to help three million people for six months, most of whom are thought to need emergency relief.

Meanwhile first reports from the epicentre震中 of the earthquake suggest the damage is even more dramatic戏剧的,引人注目的 than in the capital.

The BBC's Mark Doyle in Leogane, west of Port-au-Prince, described the scene as "apocalyptic启示录的", with thousands left homeless and almost every building destroyed.


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