Price auditions for US film role 美国电影角色价格试探
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Former glamour1 model Katie Price has revealed2 she has auditioned3 for a part in the next Sex And The City film.

前魅力模特Katie Price透漏,她已经在下一部Sex And The City电影中试演一个角色。

The 31-year-old told Radio 1 Newsbeat: "They wanted an English nanny(保姆) with big boobs(笨蛋,蠢才;乳房), so I went for that."

Price, who tried out for the part on Wednesday, is not planning to hear about whether she got it for a while.

Despite that, she said she has no ambition to become an actress in the future, but if offered the chance, she would take the role.


"I'm not trying to be an actress, I never have, I've always said that. But if there's little cameo(刻有浮雕的宝石或贝壳) roles, why not go for it if you're offered a role."

It has been reported that Price, who is publicising a new book, has also been approached to appear in a UK version4 of Baywatch.

"I keep hearing that," she said. "But who knows what will happen there"


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