Recession pulls U.S. senior citizens back to work: survey 经
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Eugene Salvino, 57, fills out a job application at a job fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on August 4, 2009. Salvino
Eugene Salvino, 57, fills out a job application at a job fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on August 4, 2009. Salvino's job of 37 years was eliminated a year and a half ago and he's been unable to find a position.

The worst US economic recession in 70 years is forcing senior citizens out of retirement1, leaving them fighting for jobs in a weak labor2 market or risking homelessness, according to a private study.

The study by Experience Works, released on Tuesday, showed 46 percent of the 2,000 low income people over 55 years who participated needed to find work to keep their homes. Nearly half of them had been searching for work for more than a year.

Experience Works is the nation's largest nonprofit provider of community service, training and employment opportunities for older workers. The study was conducted in the past two months and covered 30 states and Puerto Rico.

"These people are at the age where they understandably thought their job-searching years were behind them," said Cynthia Metzler, president and CEO of Experience Works.

"But here they are, many in their 60s, 70s and beyond, desperate to find work so they can keep a roof over their heads and food on the table."

According to the study, many of the participants had no intention of working past their 60th birthday, but had to change plans after being laid off or following the death of a spouse3. Over a third of the participants had retired4.

Ninety percent of respondents 76 years and older planned to continue working for the next five years.

Huge medical bills due to a personal illness or that of a spouse were also reasons for coming out of retirement, the survey found. The longest and deepest economic slump5 since the 1930s is making finding a job for the low-income elderly workers a difficult challenge.

According to Labor Department data, there were 2 million unemployed6 workers over the age of 55 in August, an increase of 69 percent from the same period last year. Between August 2008 and August this year, the number of unemployed workers 75 years and older increased by 33 percent.

The unemployment rate among workers 55 years and older was 6.7 percent in August after shooting to a record 7.1 percent in July. The national unemployment rate was at 9.7 percent in August, the highest in 26 years.

The Experience Works study found that 46 percent of the elderly jobseekers were sometimes forced to choose between paying rent, buying food or medication. Almost three-quarters believed their age made it harder to compete for jobs with younger workers.

"This study underscores the need to create policies that remove barriers to employment for older workers and provide additional programs and services specifically aimed at helping7 older people re-enter the work force or remain working," said Metzler.


这项于本周二公布的调查由Experience Works机构开展,共有2000名年龄在55岁以上的低收入者参加。调查显示,46%的受访者为了保住居所需要重新找工作,其中近一半的人已经找了一年多的时间。

Experience Works是美国最大的为老年求职者提供社区服务、培训和就业机会的非赢利性机构。该调查在过去两个月内开展,调查范围覆盖美国30个州以及波多黎各。

Experience Works的总裁兼首席执行官辛蒂娅•麦茨勒说:“这个年龄段的人们难免会觉得他们已经过了找工作的年龄。”







Experience Works的调查发现,46%的年长求职者有时不得不在付房租、购买食物和支付医疗费用之间做出选择。近四分之三的受访者认为自己的年龄让他们在找工作时很难与年轻人竞争。



senior citizen:an elderly or aged8 person, esp. one who is retired or whose principal source of support is a pension or Social Security benefits(长者,老人。委婉说法,尤指退休者)

shoot to:增长至


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