Recession is 'over' says Bernanke 美联储主席Bernanke称经济低
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The US recession is probably over but the economy will remain weak for some time due to unemployment, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke has said.

联邦储备主席Ben Bernanke称,美国经济不景气可能已经结束但是因为失业率居高不下,经济低迷可能还会持续一段时间。

"From a technical perspective, the recession is very likely over," he told a Washington think tank. He said the consensus1(一致,合意) is the economy is growing.

But he added that the economy would still feel "very weak" to Americans concerned about job security.

Stocks on Wall Street fell marginally(有限地,在边上) lower following his comments.

Mr Bernanke also said that he felt "quite confident" that Congress would approve comprehensive reform of US financial regulation.

The Obama administration is trying to push through regulations designed to prevent another financial crisis.

Mr Bernanke's remarks were made at the Brookings Institution on the day marking the one-year anniversary of the collapse2 of US bank Lehman Brothers.

He delivered the same speech to a conference in Wyoming in August.


1 consensus epMzA     
  • Can we reach a consensus on this issue?我们能在这个问题上取得一致意见吗?
  • What is the consensus of opinion at the afternoon meeting?下午会议上一致的意见是什么?
2 collapse aWvyE     
  • The country's economy is on the verge of collapse.国家的经济已到了崩溃的边缘。
  • The engineer made a complete diagnosis of the bridge's collapse.工程师对桥的倒塌做了一次彻底的调查分析。
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