Procter in $3.1bn drug unit sale 宝洁31亿美元出售药品销售部
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Irish drugmaker Warner Chilcott is buying the pharmaceutical1 business of Procter & Gamble for $3.1bn (£1.9bn).

爱尔兰药物制造商Warner Chilcott 将要以31亿美元购买宝洁医药商业部分。

Warner said the deal would turn it into a global drugs giant
Warner said the deal would turn it into a global drugs giant

The move will see Warner more than triple its annual turnover2, and the firm's US listed shares jumped 26% following the announcement.

US consumer products giant Procter said it was ending its involvement in the production of prescription3(药方) drugs.

Procter makes everything from Gillette razors to Pringles crisps(炸土豆片), Duracell batteries, and Fairy washing liquid.

"The acquisition(获得,所获之物) transforms Warner Chilcott into a global pharmaceutical company," said the Irish company.

Warner is financing the deal through debt, and said the majority of the 2,300 employees in Procter's pharmaceuticals4 unit would simply transfer across.

Analysts5 say that Procter said decided6 to exit the business because of the growth in competition from generic7(一般的,普通的) drugmakers.

Procter's branded drugs, such as osteoporosis(骨质疏松症) treatment Actonel, have annual sales of $2.3bn.


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