Pound clears $1.70 against dollar 英镑对美元汇率1.70
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The pound has continued to gain against the dollar, rising above $1.70 for the first time since October on optimism about the UK economy.


The pound has continued to gain against the dollar, rising above $1.70 for the first time since October on optimism about the UK economy.
Sterling1 forged(锻造的) higher on Monday in the wake of strong UK manufacturing data and hopes about the health of the banking2 sector3.

The pound rose as high as $1.7005 on Tuesday before falling back to $1.6938.

It also hovered4(盘旋,翱翔,徘徊) near a one-month high against the euro of 84.59 pence that it reached on Monday.

The pound got a lift on Monday after data showed the UK manufacturing sector expanded for the first time in more than a year.

Robust5 results from banking giants Barclays and HSBC also increased confidence in the currency.

The UK economy is viewed as being particularly reliant(依靠的,信赖的) on the banking sector so evidence of any upturn6 benefits sterling.

Analysts7 at French investment firm Calyon said that there was "growing optimism that the UK economy will be able to shake off the shackles8(脚镣) of recession faster than many had thought".

While still a long way below the $2 levels seen in July last year, the pound has rebounded9 25% from the 23-year low of $1.35 it hit in January this year.


1 sterling yG8z6     
  • Could you tell me the current rate for sterling, please?能否请您告诉我现行英国货币的兑换率?
  • Sterling has recently been strong,which will help to abate inflationary pressures.英国货币最近非常坚挺,这有助于减轻通胀压力。
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  • John is launching his son on a career in banking.约翰打算让儿子在银行界谋一个新职位。
  • He possesses an extensive knowledge of banking.他具有广博的银行业务知识。
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  • The export sector will aid the economic recovery. 出口产业将促进经济复苏。
  • The enemy have attacked the British sector.敌人已进攻英国防区。
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鸟( hover的过去式和过去分词 ); 靠近(某事物); (人)徘徊; 犹豫
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  • A hawk hovered in the blue sky. 一只老鹰在蓝色的天空中翱翔。
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  • She is too tall and robust.她个子太高,身体太壮。
  • China wants to keep growth robust to reduce poverty and avoid job losses,AP commented.美联社评论道,中国希望保持经济强势增长,以减少贫困和失业状况。
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  • The ball rebounded from his racket into the net. 球从他的球拍上弹回网中。
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