February 21
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President Nixon and his wife Patricia walked along the Great Wall of China
1972: Nixon makes historic visit to China
England have

The American President Richard Nixon has arrived in China at the start of a week-long summit aimed at ending 20 years of frosty relations between the two countries.

His visit began with an unexpected audience with Chairman Mao Zedong at the leader's home. Few details have been released, but officials said the one-hour meeting involved a "serious and frank discussion".

After a modest reception at Peking airport, the president was formally welcomed at alavishbanquet held in the Great Hall of the People and hosted by Prime Minister Chou En-lai.

Mr Chou described Mr Nixon's long journey to China as a "positive move" responding to the wishes of the peoples of both countries.

He hinted at the years of tension between China and the United States - largely due to American support for nationalists in Taiwan - and credited both governments for "common efforts" to open the gate to better contacts at last.

The president responded positively2. "There is no reason for us to be enemies," he said. "Neither of us seeks the territory of the other; neither of us seeks domination over the other; neither of us seeks to stretch out our hands and rule the world."

Using one of Mao's own quotations3, Mr Nixon said it was time to seize the day and seize the hour "for our two peoples to rise to the heights of greatness which can build a new and better world".

There followed an elaborate round of toasts, in which the 800 guests at the banquet wandered from table to table clinking thimble-sized glasses containing Chinese firewater.

Commentators4 said the elaborate banquet was in marked contrast to the coolness of the president's reception at the airport.

This historic visit was engineered by the president's national security adviser5, Dr Henry Kissinger, during two visits to China last year. It is part of a policy ofrapprochementaimed at restoring diplomatic relations between the two sides.
The European export ban covers all British livestock6, meat, and milk
2001: Ban follows foot-and-mouth outbreak
Artificially 1969:
The The European Commission has banned all British milk, meat and livestock exports following the UK's first outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease for 20 years.
The ban - which will run until 1 March - follows yesterday's revelation of a foot-and-mouth outbreak at anabattoirnear Brentwood, Essex.

A routine inspection8 at Cheale Meats abattoir7 in Essex diagnosed the virus in 28 pigs.

Chief veterinary officer Jim Scudamore said all 300 animals at Cheale Meats would be slaughtered10 immediately.

The National Farmer's Union has said a second suspected case has been discovered in Gloucestershire.

Five-mile animal movement exclusion11 zones have been placed around the Essex abattoir and the site in Gloucestershire, which is thought to be somewhere between Woodchester and Nailsworth.

The British government is considering imposing12 its own ban on the export of all livestock, meat and milk from the UK.

This is the latest blow to Britain's already beleaguered13 farmers following last year's outbreak of swine fever, which led to the slaughter9 of 12,000 pigs and a temporary ban on the export of live pigs and pig semen.

Agriculture Secretary Nick Brown said: "If we can get on top of this and get back to a disease-free status quickly then hopefully the damage can be minimised.

"But if it goes on for some time the damage could be substantial."

Shadow agriculture minister Tim Yeo criticised the government for not doing enough to prevent the outbreak.

"British farmers cannot survive another round of dithering from MAFF like that which took place in the autumn over classical swine fever," he said.

"The government should have acted sooner to prevent the risk of this disease entering Britain through sub-standard meat imports."

Foot-and-mouth is a highly infectious viral disease that can affect cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. Symptoms include blisters14 in the mouth causing increased salivation and lameness15.

Animals do not actually die from the disease but stop gaining weight and dairy cattle produce less milk.

The last major outbreak in Britain was in 1967, while the most recent outbreak in the European Union happened in Greece last year.
lavish1: very generous(非常大方的,过分丰富的)

rapprochement: establishment or state of cordial relations(和睦;友善)

abattoir: a building where animals are butchered(屠宰场)


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  • She was positively glowing with happiness.她满脸幸福。
  • The weather was positively poisonous.这天气着实讨厌。
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