How true love comes to me
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Hi! My name is Ashley. When I met Bryan during the last year in college it was "ugh" at first sight. I thought he was the good-looking jock and acted kind of cocky. It only made him charming. How I eventually found out he thought I was a suck-up because I was focused on studying and wanted to graduate as an A student. He practically avoided me wherever I showed up and changed directions if he would see me from far away.

At that time he had a girlfriend but soon they broke up and I saw how much it changed him. I wanted to help him get over this because I knew how that felt after the split1. Once I came over and began a casual conversation and somehow he got into talking about the break-up. I told him I was sorry and he was impressed that I cared about him. I was surprised that big man on the campus actually had heart and feelings to express. Thus we became friends.

At a party we danced for the first time to Usher's "My Way". And we just kind of clicked...a sparkle2 ran between us and we both lit up. Without even talking we let each other know that was more than friendship between us. I felt like I was drawn3 to him and he got attracted too. Soon we became a couple.

He became patient and understanding about things that are important to me in my life like school and my grades. Now we work at different places but we make plenty of time to see each other, loyally attending each other's homes and events. I love him and how this love appeared doesn't matter to me.


1 split avXwG     
  • Who told you that Mary and I had split up?谁告诉你玛丽和我已经离婚了?
  • The teacher split the class up into six groups.老师把班级分成6个小组。
2 sparkle cTnzL     
  • Dewdrops sparkle in the morning sun.露珠在早晨的阳光下闪着光。
  • There was a sudden sparkle as her diamond ring caught the light.当她的钻石戒指遇到光时,有阵突然的闪耀。
3 drawn MuXzIi     
  • All the characters in the story are drawn from life.故事中的所有人物都取材于生活。
  • Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside.她的目光禁不住被外面的风景所吸引。
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