Happy ravioli
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Sometimes when people make ravioli or manti (Asian dish) they put some thing (both eatable and not) in one of the ravioli or manti. It’s considered that who eats this special one is a happy person.

My love story is tightly1 connected with this queer2 tradition.

I was 28 y.o. then. Almost all my classmates were married at that time, but I even didn’t have serious relationships with a girl. One day my friend arranged a party in honor of their newborn baby. His wife made ravioli and put button into one of them. They invited former classmates, as well as their new friends.

When we were eating I choked with that very button(钮扣). I felt as if a little stone was stuck in my throat – neither could breathe in nor breathe out. Understanding that if I wouldn’t be able to clear my throat now I would go west. At this thought I became unconscious…

It’s good that there is a hospital just near their house, so my friends got me into it in some minutes. I was directed at once into the surgery where was scarified in respiratory tracts3 and extracted4 the button.

But later a wonder happened with me. During a week of my being in the hospital I madly fall in love with a hospital nurse and when leaving hospital proposed to her. It passed a year since our marriage and now my wife is expecting a baby.

So, the ravioli with the button turned out to be really happy for me!


1 tightly ZgbzD7     
  • My child holds onto my hand tightly while we cross the street.横穿马路时,孩子紧拉着我的手不放。
  • The crowd pressed together so tightly that we could hardly breathe.人群挤在一起,我们几乎喘不过气来。
2 queer f0rzP     
  • I heard some queer footsteps.我听到某种可疑的脚步声。
  • She has been queer lately.她最近身体不舒服。
3 tracts fcea36d422dccf9d9420a7dd83bea091     
大片土地( tract的名词复数 ); 地带; (体内的)道; (尤指宣扬宗教、伦理或政治的)短文
  • vast tracts of forest 大片大片的森林
  • There are tracts of desert in Australia. 澳大利亚有大片沙漠。
4 extracted extracted     
adj. 萃取的 动词extract的现在分词
  • Maple syrup is made from sap extracted from the sugar maple tree. 槭糖浆是用糖槭树中提取的树液制成的。
  • The dentist extracted her wisdom tooth. 牙医拔掉了她的智牙。
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