Our First Date
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The next day was our first date and he drove1 across town to go home in midday2 traffic to get cleaned up for our date, only to turn around and come back across town in rush hour traffic to pick me up. Well, by the time he arrived at my hotel room, I had already worked a long day and I just wanted to relax. I was too old for dating, especially someone who I wasn't going to see after a couple of weeks anyway.

He arrived just before I made the call to cancel. I tried to say let's just forget it and do it another time, but I could see that he wasn't going for that. So we compromised3 and walked a block to the mall for a light dinner while we waited for traffic to die down.

I would like to say that this first date was ideal4. However, we had an argument in the book store while we were reading our zodiac signs. Not a very good sign for a first date. I will have to admit that by the time we left the book store and made it to the end of the block we were both laughing and holding hands like we were best friends forever.

I guess that's why I agreed to go across town to see where he grew up. Little did I know he had plans for me to meet his mother. Thank God she was sleep. How many things can go crazy on this date? How about another argument?

Yes, we did. We had another argument over candy in the frozen5 yogurt. Of course we laughed through that "argument" as well. That's when I knew that this guy was special. He was strong, yet tender6.

I can't really say that it was a successful first date, as first dates go. I can say that it was a perfect first date for us. I guess if you take into account7 the fact that we got married seven days later, it had to be a pretty special date.

We have been married now for over a year and we are still laughing and arguing. Sometimes I think we have been together for over 50 years. But no matter how long we are together, I know that it is The Father in Him that keeps us together.


1 drove brAxi     
  • He drove at a speed of sixty miles per hour.他以每小时60英里的速度开车。
  • They drove foreign goods out of the market.他们把外国货驱逐出市场。
2 midday JDcxo     
  • It is now past midday.现在已过中午了。
  • I awoke to bright sunlight filling my room.It was already midday.我一醒来就看见屋里阳光灿烂,原来已是中午了。
3 compromised 7e3ea9e12dedf3483da22f551f78ecfd     
  • They compromised by going to the cinema. 他们采取折中的办法去看电影。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The government has compromised with its critics over monetary policies. 政府已经就货币政策向批评人士作出让步。 来自辞典例句
4 ideal 2bRxF     
  • The weather at the seaside was ideal—bright and breezy.海边的天气最宜人,风和日丽的。
  • They promised to be faithful to their ideal for ever. 他们保证永远忠于自己的理想。
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