A dog named time 一条狗名叫时间
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An old Chinese man's wife got sick for a while, then died. They had been married for more than half a century without any children. After the old companion was gone, the old man felt very lonely. He took friends' advice and went to a pet shop to buy a baby dog.
It was a miniature1 size of poodle which had long, thick, and frizzy(卷曲的) hair. Everybody said it was indeed a cute puppy2. The old man treasured it very much and named his dog "Time."
When he sat down, he would put his puppy on his knees. When he took ask his dog to follow him. The puppy was only a few weeks old, it could not walk as fast as its master. So the old man kept calling, "Time, go faster." The little puppy had done its best. No matter how he called, it was still doing the same.
As time went by, the puppy became stronger. Like a small boy ,it seldom stayed at a place too long and ran around all the time. And it would not listen to its master as closely3 as it used to. Especially, when he was walking outside, the dog always ran faster than its master. So the man must keep calling, "Go slower, Time."
As time went on and on, finally, the man became older and weaker, while his dog grew bigger and stronger. One day, when the man took his dog outside to do the walk again, he lost control of his dog. The dog ran much far away. He kept calling, "Time, wait for me." Yet time went ahead and would not listen to him.
Finally, the man realized that he could not control the time anymore.
每当他坐下时,他就把小狗放在膝盖上。当他在户外散步时,他就要他的小狗跟着他走,英语小故事因为小狗只有几个礼拜大, 所以不像它的主人走得一样快。虽然老人时常叫,“时间,快点儿走。”小狗已经尽力了,不管他如何叫喊,它仍然走得不快。


1 miniature fDSx7     
  • He's giving a party in miniature on his birthday.他生日那天将举行一个小型晚会。
  • Games are real life in miniature.游戏是现实生活的缩影。
2 puppy ECZyv     
  • You must school your puppy to obey you.你要训练你的小狗服从你。
  • Their lively puppy frisks all over the house.他们的小狗在屋里到处欢快地蹦跳。
3 closely XwNzIh     
  • We shall follow closely the development of the situation.我们将密切注意形势的发展。
  • The two companies are closely tied up with each other.这两家公司之间有密切联系。
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