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The entry of oil companies into the realm(领域,范围) of renewable energy could present major obstacles(障碍,阻碍) for the development of a sustainable(持久的,可持续性的) economy that is not based on carbon resources, according to a report in the International Journal of Green Economics. Jack1 Reardon of the Department of Management & Economics, at Hamline University, in St. Paul, Minnesota, explains that how the transition(过渡,转变) from carbon to renewable proceeds will depend on whose values are solicited2 and whose voices are listened to in the process. He suggests that should the large international oil companies (IOCs) endeavor to enter this arena3 in a significant way that will present a possible obstacle to the transition that will preclude4(妨碍,排除) the emergence5 of democratic, distributed and green economics based on wind, solar, and other renewable resources.

Ideally, green economics will see a switch from an energy intensive and consumption-focused society economy that perpetuates6 poverty, gender7 inequalities and environmental degeneration(退化,堕落) to one of sustainability that circumvents8 the carbon-based energy regime. If, however, present trends continue, then by 2030, global energy demand will increase 45%, with China and India accounting9 for just over half the increase and oil consumption will increase from 85 million barrels per day to 106 with all of the projected increase from non-OECD countries and four-fifths of the projected increase from China.

Given such an unrelenting(无情的,不屈不挠的) addiction10 to fossil fuels, it will not be a surprise if energy-related carbon dioxide emissions11 and the release of other atmospheric12 greenhouse gases will increase 45% by 2030. "Arresting this unsustainable and potentially catastrophic increase is a central focus of green economics," says Reardon.

Given the monopolistic(垄断的,专利的) and powerful positions adopted by the oil companies since the beginning of the modern oil age in the nineteenth century, it is almost inevitable13 that their entry into the renewable arena will not be without problems. "A palpable(可感知的,明显的) lesson is that if oil companies enter the renewable industry, the latter could potentially be transformed along a hierarchical(分层的,等级体系的) and centralized structure, which contravenes14(违反,抵触) the widely dispersed15(分散的) and readily available nature of renewable energy sources, particularly wind and solar," Reardon fears. He suggests that now is the time to "map a democratic and equitable16 transition."


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  • I am looking for the headphone jack.我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
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  • Lack of water perpetuates poverty, increases the risk of political instability, and affects global prosperity. 水资源短缺导致贫穷,使政局不稳,且影响全球的繁荣。 来自互联网
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