Fathers and Sons
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Fathers and Sons
Patrick Lane1

I will walk across the long slow grass
where the desert sun waits among the stones
and reach down into the heavy earth
and lift your body back into the day.
My hands will swim down through the clay
like white fish who wander(游荡,漫步) in the pools
of underground caves and they will find you
where you lie in the century of your sleep.

My arms will be as huge as the roots of trees,
my shoulders leaves, my hands as delicate2(精美的,纤弱的)
as the wings of fish in white water.
When I find you I will lift you out
into the sun and hold you
the way a son must who is now
as old as you were when you died.
I will lift you in my arms and bear you back.

My breath will blow away the earth
from your eyes and my lips will touch
your lips. They will say the years have been
long. They will speak into your flesh
the word love over and over,
as if it was the first word of the whole
earth. I will dance with you and you
will be as a small child asleep in my arms
as I say to the sun, bless this man who died.

I will hold you then, your hurt mouth curled3(卷曲,环绕)
into my chest, and take your lost flesh
into me, make of you myself, and when you are
bone of my bone, and blood of my blood,
I will walk you into the hills and sit
alone with you and neither of us
will be ashamed. My hand and your hand.

I will take those two hands and hold them
together, palm(手掌,棕榈树) against palm, and lift them
and say, this is praise, this is the holding
that is father and son. This I promise you
as I wanted to have promised in the days
of our silence, the nights of our sleeping.

Wait for me. I am coming across the grass
and through the stones. The eyes
of the animals and birds are upon me.
I am walking with my strength.
See, I am almost there.
If you listen you can hear me.
My mouth is open and I am singing.


1 lane i2kxH     
  • There is a shop at the end of this lane.这条胡同的顶头有一家商店。
  • The champion is running in lane five.冠军跑在第五跑道上。
2 delicate Hx1xS     
  • Be careful with those wine cups — they are very delicate.当心那些酒杯—它们很容易碎。
  • The delicate handicraft works will not bear rough handling.精致的手工艺品经不起粗鲁的摆弄。
3 curled 1e0dfa1a17b20b99254d251edeeb31b9     
adj.卷曲的,卷发状的,卷缩的v.(使)弯曲( curl的过去式和过去分词 );(使)卷曲;盘旋;缠绕
  • She lay curled up in a foetal position . 她像胎儿一样蜷曲地躺着。
  • The snake was curled up in the long grass. 在深草中,这条蛇盘着身子。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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