Top Venice award for Israeli film 以色列战争影片获威尼斯金狮
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The Israeli war film Lebanon has won the top award at the Venice Film Festival, the Golden Lion.


Lebanon was directed by Samuel Maoz
Lebanon was directed by Samuel Maoz

The film, by director Samuel Maoz, is shot almost entirely1 inside an Israeli tank against the backdrop(背景,背景幕) of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

The award for best director went to Iranian-born Shirin Neshat for the film Women Without Men.

Britain's Colin Firth won Best Actor prize for A Single Man, in which he plays a mourning professor.

The BBC's David Willey in Italy says this year's winners all sent strong political or social messages.

Lebanon has been described by the leading US entertainment magazine Variety as "the boldest and best" of recent films from Israel about the country's wars in Lebanon.

The high-profile Italian film Baaria, a Sicilian-based family epic2, failed to win any prizes.

The jury3 of the 66th Venice Film Festival was headed by Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee, who won the Golden Lion in 2005 for Brokeback Mountain.


1 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾完全是由于他们失职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生统统献给了教育工作。
2 epic ui5zz     
  • I gave up my epic and wrote this little tale instead.我放弃了写叙事诗,而写了这个小故事。
  • They held a banquet of epic proportions.他们举行了盛大的宴会。
3 jury g3dxN     
  • These twelve men are believed to compose the jury.据信,陪审团是由这12人组成的。
  • The members of the jury were discharged from their duties.陪审员们被解除了职务。
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