MTV 'moving ahead with Teen Wolf' MTV跟进Teen Wolf电视剧的拍
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A TV series based on the 1980s' film Teen Wolf is one step closer to fruition after MTV ordered a pilot, reports from the US have said.

美国报道称,在1980年的电影Teen Wolf基础上改编的电视系列片即将开拍。

Michael J Fox starred in the original 1985 film
Michael J Fox starred in the original 1985 film

The Hollywood Reporter said the channel was keen on the show after seeing a script(手稿) written by Criminal Minds creator Jeff Davis.

The 1985 movie starred Michael J Fox as a teenager who discovers he is a werewolf(狼人).

MTV said the pilot would be "very different" from the original film.

Set in a high school, the show will be drawn1 from the horror genre2(类,型) to explore werewolf mythology3(神话) and will also include a romantic plot line.

"It has a fresh take," said Liz Gateley, senior vice4 president of MTV series development.

"It has more of an American Werewolf in Paris feel to it.

"It's a dramatic thriller5 with two best friends in the centre who provide a great comedy element: They are two very relatable characters on the outer circles of popular cliques6(小集团)."

It is the latest in a line of 1980s' films being remade for the small screen.

A series based on Steve Martin's 1989 comedy Parenthood is due to air in the US later this year.

Shows re-working Brat7 Pack film St Elmo's Fire and black comedy Heathers are also in development.


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