Snicket to write new book series Snicket将撰写新书籍
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Children's author Lemony Snicket is to write a further series of books after signing a new deal in the UK, it has been announced.

有消息称,孩子们的作家Lemony Snicket在英国签署了一项新协议并将撰写新系列的书籍。

Snicket wrote his final Unfortunate Events book in 2006
Snicket wrote his final Unfortunate Events book in 2006

Snicket - real name Daniel Handler - is famous for his popular, but sinister1(不吉利的,凶恶的), A Series Of Unfortunate Events books.

More than 60 million copies of his stories have been sold worldwide.

The first book in Snicket's new series of four titles will be published by Egmont Press in 2012.

Egmont publisher Leah Thaxton joked: "Usually, I look forward to opening my post. It's exciting to think that I might find a manuscript(手稿,原稿) to bring comfort and joy to any reader.

"But that morning, when I saw the handwriting on the envelope - well, how would you feel if you knew you were about to unleash2(解开,解放) yet more untold3 misery4 on the unsuspecting children of this country? We at Egmont can't escape Lemony Snicket's grim(冷酷的,残忍的) story."

Snicket, who is based in the US, said: "I can neither confirm nor deny that I have begun research into a new case, and I can neither confirm nor deny that the results are as dreadful and unnerving as A Series Of Unfortunate Events. However, I can confirm that Egmont will be publishing these findings."

Director of Egmont Press, Cally Poplak, said: "As if the recession weren't bad enough, now British readers have the threat of a new series from Mr Snicket hanging over them.

"As a responsible publisher, of course we shall put all our efforts into ensuring no child is exposed to yet more misery from Mr Snicket's investigations5."

Snicket is famed for the dark world he created in he Unfortunate Events books, which featured the terrible scrapes of orphans6 Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire.

The trio(三个一组) were subjected to numerous misadventures as their evil relative Count Olaf imprisoned7, mistreated and tried to kill them.

The first three books were made into a hit film starring Jim Carrey, Billy Connolly and Meryl Streep in 2004.

The Unfortunate Events books will published in paperback8 for the first time next year, for which Snicket will be visiting the UK.


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  • Their proposals are all worthless and designed out of sinister motives.他们的建议不仅一钱不值,而且包藏祸心。
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  • Changing water levels now at times unleash a miasma of disease from exposed sewage.如今,大坝不时地改变水位,从暴露的污水释放出了疾病瘴气。
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  • Many books that are out of print are reissued in paperback form.许多绝版的书籍又以平装本形式重新出现。
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