Fire risk 'super' ants discovered 可引发火灾的“超级”蚂蚁被
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Ants believed to have a "kamikaze attraction" to electricity have been discovered in one of England's finest National Trust gardens.


The ants are said to be more attracted to electricity than food and drink
The ants are said to be more attracted to electricity than food and drink

Colonies of lasius neglectus, the so-called Asian super ant, have being found at Hidcote Manor1, near Chipping Campden, in Gloucestershire.

It is thought to be the first recorded sighting in the UK, although they have been spotted2 in mainland Europe.

They are naturally drawn3 to electrical currents so can pose a fire risk.

The species was first identified in Budapest 20 years ago. The ants look like a common black garden variety.

English Heritage and the National Trust carried out investigations4 into infestations5(侵扰) within the Hidcote estate to identify them as lasius neglectus.

The Asian super ant is highly-dependent on aphid(蚜虫) honeydew(蜜汁,甘汁) and is associated with a wide range of tree species.

Their compulsion(强迫,强制) to follow electricity is stronger than their need for food or drink.

Swarms6(蜂窝) of ants around electrical cables can cause blackouts(灯火管制,暂时的意识丧失).

Brian Ridout, English Heritage entomologist(昆虫学者) and architectural conservator, said they may have gone unnoticed for some time.

"The behaviour of the ants didn't agree with that of any known UK species," he said.

"Our suspicions were confirmed when samples were sent to the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona which has been studying major infestations of them in Spain.

"They look just the same as the common black garden ant, although there will be ten to a hundred times as many of them."

The National Trust said 35,000 ant carcasses(尸体) were found in one electrical junction7 box(接线盒,分线箱) at Hidcote.

'More prolific8'

Simon Ford9, nature conservation advisor10 for the National Trust in Wessex, said: "The ants themselves pose little direct threat to us as they don't bite people or pets.

"Their habit of creating super-colonies means they pose a threat to native species by out-competing them for food and space, and their attraction to electrical circuitry means they could pose a fire risk.

"Researchers have feared for several years that this species would make it to the UK, and while the Hidcote colony is the first case recorded, it is not clear if it is the first in the UK or indeed that it is the only one.

"It is very likely the ants are more prolific(多产的)."

The super ant is resistant11 to(对……有抵抗的) traditional insect poison so the National Trust is now working with pest controllers to investigate other options, including bait(饵) systems.


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