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An internal committee commissioned by Harvard University has published an exhaustive inquiry1 into the prestigious2 school's history and ties to slavery and the study of eugenics, university president Lawrence Bacow announced on Tuesday, adding that the school was setting aside $100 million to "make amends3" for its past transgressions4.
Harvard profited from "the beneficence of donors5 who accumulated their wealth through slave trading; from the labor6 of enslaved people on plantations7 in the Caribbean islands and in the American South; and from the Northern textile manufacturing industry, supplied with cotton grown by enslaved people held in bondage," the report, published on Tuesday by the Presidential Committee on Harvard and the Legacy8 of Slavery, revealed.
Indeed, "more than a third of the money donated to or promised to Harvard by private individuals came from just five men who made their fortunes from slavery and slave-produced commodities," including cotton, the report found.
Bacow initially9 formed the committee in 2019 in order to probe the school's "historic ties to slavery - direct, financial, and intellectual." Its report found that from 1636 to 1783, the school enslaved 70 people, some of whom were responsible for caring for the university's presidents, professors and students.
Harvard didn't just benefit from slavery - it took concrete steps to quash abolitionist sentiment on campus, according to the committee, which made a point of countering the popular narrative10 that places New England at the center of the "antislavery moment" and in particular casts Harvard's home state of Massachusetts as a “hotbed of opposition11 to slavery.”
据该委员会称,哈佛不仅从奴隶制中受益,还采取了具体措施压制校园里的废奴主义情绪。该委员会特别反驳了将新英格兰视为"反奴隶制"中心的流行说法,尤其是将哈佛大学所在的马萨诸塞州视为 "废奴制的温床"。
Harvard's medical school admitted three black students in 1850 but subsequently expelled them following complaints from white students and alumni, and only admitted an average of three black students per year as late as 1940, according to the report, which noted12 that Harvard was still promoting the study of eugenics - central to World War II-era "race sciences" - at the time. Harvard's women's college, Radcliffe, denied housing to its few black students.
Additionally, Harvard Law School's first professorship was established with the profits of the slave trade in the form of a bequest13 from Isaac Royall Jr., a rich slave merchant who left the school a hefty sum in his will in 1781. The university incorporated elements of the family's coat of arms into its law school seal, an issue which became controversial in 2016, leading to the retirement14 of the seal and Royall's denunciation as "the son of an Antiguan slaveholder known to have treated his slaves with extreme cruelty."
Many such problematic "early benefactors15" left their names on buildings and professorships and their images in statues sprinkled throughout campus, according to the report, which found that "the color line held at Harvard" despite the official collapse16 of slavery following the Civil War. Harvard's longest-serving president and other prominent academics were key figures in the study of eugenics, a pseudoscience used to justify17 racial segregation18 in the US and abroad.
The report calls on the university to "identify, engage, and support" direct descendants of enslaved workers early in the university's history, which included Black and Native American slaves. The primary recommendation was to offer increased access to educational opportunities, while also attempting to reach broader groups that have largely been excluded from attending Harvard.
The report recommends a closer partnership19 between Harvard and historically Black colleges and universities, in part through the creation of a new "Du Bois Scholars Program," to subsidize semester, summer or yearlong visits from HBCU students to Harvard.
"Harvard benefited from and in some ways perpetuated20 practices that were profoundly immoral," Bacow wrote in his letter accompanying the report, arguing the school bears "a moral responsibility to do what we can to address the persistent21 corrosive22 effects of those historical practices on individuals, on Harvard, and on our society."


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